Marketing Case Study Toyota 25

(Quoted from Japanese Marketing Case Study54

Global market circumstances, undoubtly changing for Internet innovation. Most of all physical devices will connect to the online communication, by far future distance, unusual to talk about AI, IoT, other buzzwords. We’re busy to catch up high velocity wave, in other words, globalization is to update our own machine for learning everything, even if were not stick to ourselves this moment.

Starting from US fundamental, Toyota deed aggressive broaden international presence. Coincidently, deeper consciousness for local community. Making the relationship with each thrive, literally seeking the both flourish is key factors, not only selling the vehicles, but mutual works their own way. We could learn from the past days of Toyota walked along.

For Taiwan

So far did invest mainly among English speaking area, but further looked into Asian, Taiwan no doubt enough. Accordingly to the policy for pursuing highly industry growth, once do progressed with injection into resources. Even though it was not going well, change their landscape for joint-venture.

For Australia

In Australia, the same time for integration of sales and manufacturing, established the branch to associate with entire structure. Not only financial, but whole sales, products, moreover that enabled to reduce the time cost. Even though founded joint-venture with General Motors, but finally disbanded in 1996.

For Asia

Between Japanese companies and ASEAN regions met agreement for BBC scheme. It permits, each enterprise’s brand respectively free-trade among them, that ingredients locally procured over 50%, alleviated the friction. It enabled them to spread entire ASEAN areas, as well as established indigenous factories.

For China

For pavement of service hospitality, Toyota educated the procedure, how to welcome the customers. This network widespread to the whole in China, even it went well, but the condition gradually worse. It because, regenerated national markers flourish on warmly support.

For Africa

Since Nelson Mandela has become the president, in Africa, widespread to the international market. Toyota promoted on the campaign, called “Rising Sun” for South Africa, and delivered the knowledge for skill to manufacture the process. Furthermore injected to the local agency through their branch.

(Quoted from Japanese Marketing Case Study54