Marketing Case Study Toyota 3

(Quoted from Japanese Marketing Case Study33

These days, we’ re talking about IoT, Automation drive on the coffee. Back to the origin of automobile, it was for comfortable transportation, with baggage or any material etc. Since it had shifted to the personal driving, valued as a status or privilege, only for among highly layers. Accordingly penetration, it had been close to our daily life or business, one of the central pillars for economical prosperity .

Toyota had overcome quite severe conditions many times. In particular, enormous earthquake occurred in 1923, directly affected their management. For regain from this distinctive disasters, Sakichi Toyota encourage themselves into automobile market for transpoartation. Saved the tons of lives, useful for revival, through these contribution it admitted for publicity.

Revival from Disaster

In 1923, Tokyo was suffered from enormous disaster. That disrupted, not only for the building, but their lives, system, almost the fundamental of citizen’s habit. Automobile contributed to revive the circumstances, so more imported from US. Automobile industry had evolved since then.


Fuel the domestic automobile development, government initially consolidate the specific industrial expertise, centralized into one designated area. At this moment, such as Toyota city, flourished with consisting of originally resource, moreover it exported the products to the world.


Japanese strong point, imitate for recreation. For recreating new model, referred to US “NASH”, and divided the role, through the whole manufacturing process among industrial community. Even though, this first trial never succeeded, despite of high quality, it was too expensive cost.

Combining tips

Kiichiro Toyota, elaborately examined the detail of US automobile, and reconstruct with combining it partially. Adapting engine of Chevrolet, chassis of Ford, etc. Scrutinized whole feature on it, effectively integrated each parts with mutually outstanding advantage.

Recruiting Strategy

For synergizing, recruiting distinguished staff for manufacturing new automobile. Toyota signified the past experience, some of came from industrial project, others also local small company. Somehow they combined Japanese manufacturing skill with US unprecedented technology.

(Quoted from Japanese Marketing Case Study33