Marketing Case Study Toyota 32

(Quoted from Japanese Marketing Case Study60

Ford announced to create the automatic driving in 2021, that perhaps comes future realistic experiences. Heated invested race will go up next stages, it congested too much traffics from different businesses. Driving shared platform would appear to plot for eroding presently market, at the same time, conventional vehicle dived into dense turmoil. No matter what would come, era shifting to personal.

In 1980s, exports regulation, and stronger yen pushed themselves to determine for settled own yield resource in European regions. Comprehensively shake their hands with local big company to realize highly productivity. That means to pronounce of their presence in Europe is very significant mission, not only for selling, but cover the everything for economical growth there.

Core Technology

In 1998, founded product management hub, TMEM, and extend to strengthen network in Poland. Joint venture with PSA revealed to develop the core engine technology. Through cooperation, been taught the savvy for distribution pipeline in Europe. Afterward, anticipate of future growth, moved to Russian region to widen their potential activity.

Marketing Optimization

Not only for established the spot for development, additionally also includes sales control tower, marketing or Public relations division authorized for local statements. In 2002, alleviated the regulation of territory occupation, accordingly to this transition, deals comprehensive brands for consumers.

Learning from Experience

Due to the Asian currency crisis taught them, once leave to export, restart to build local yielding network. Targeted for classic layer, Corolla aggressively promotes with copy of “Break into Style”, consistency to other 6 countries. Founded Management organization in Singapore, that administrates “Made by Toyota”

Asian Key Role

Thailand is one of the important role for global expansion. As a gateway, put the entire manufacturing system, as well includes local designing, sales reinforcement. Centralized the resources in Thailand for exporting among Asia, and broadened to Middle East or further ranges.

Effective Consolidation

Respond the radically demand, consolidated the segmented functions into one organization. Took a role for managing entire process, yield, distribute, development, logistics. Supports the localization, and promote the Toyota brand for each regions. It accelerates their sales outcome ASEAN countries.

(Quoted from Japanese Marketing Case Study60