Spotlight on Sponsors: Knox Grammar School

With Helen Clarke

With over a week to go until the big day on March 13, the 2016 Kuringgai Chase & Barry Easy Walk has already raised more than $13,300 via our website in donations for Special Olympics Sydney Upper North Shore (SOSUNS). This is fantastic progress and we’re excited to see just how much the community can pull together for this excellent cause as we get closer to race day!

In this “Spotlight on Sponsors” post, we wanted to show our appreciation for the significant and consistent (though seemingly ever-growing!) contribution that Knox Grammar School has been making to our event year after year, since the beginning.

We had a quick chat with Helen Clarke, Head of Social Justice at Knox Grammar, who gave us the Knox perspective:

How did this partnership start?

We became involved in the lead up to the first event following discussions with Barry Easy back in 2012. We thought that one of the most empowering ways to support the event would be to buddy our Knox boys with SOSUNS Athletes on the day. Knox was also willing to provide facilities and equipment as well as support on the day of the walk.

What does Knox enjoy most about the Chase?

Always the highlight each year is time spent with the Athletes, supporting them as they complete their walk or run. Sometimes this means sharing words of encouragement, and sometimes we see Knox boys carrying Athletes on their shoulders when they tire or briefly lose their confidence. Overall it’s a wonderful experience for the boys and the Athletes alike.

What is one hope that Knox has for this year’s event?

We always hope to see more and more Special Olympians out there on the track, racing to set or beat their personal best.

What would your one message to our Athletes be?

We are there to support you all the way — your Knox buddies will be there to help you do your best. Come along and join in the fun!

What does Knox love about the Ku-ring-gai community?

We share the Ku-ring-gai community’s enthusiasm and compassion for others and we appreciate the enthusiastic way in which so many community organisations and groups support this event.

Thank you!

Knox is a major part of event operations on the day as well as in the lead up. In addition to providing staff, students, equipment and entertainment on race day, Knox kindly provides: use of its facilities for our regular committee meetings, the perfect venue for our annual sponsors launch evening and even a series of warm-up events for SOSUNS Athletes to get into top form before the Chase!

We would like to thank Knox for its sustained involvement in the Chase since the inaugural event was run in 2013. We look forward to many more years of a partnership that is making a material difference to Special Olympics Sydney Upper North Shore, its Athletes and their families.

Thank you Knox!

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