Phillies Social Media Efforts

Tim Stoeckel’s presentation on him running the social media of the Phillies was pretty interesting. One thing that was pretty intruging to me about running the phillies social media was how he interacts with the fans. Also how he control the fans when the Phillies isnt have so much of a successful season. On different tactics after a loss his goal is to remind the fans on how long of a season it is and dont stress over 0ne game. Espescially with philly fans things can get out of hand quick after a loss. Some fans sends him trade options on what the team should do like they are talking to the owner. He say he ignore most of the negativity but when they start talking about the players and the things they say are wrong he might pinch in a couple facts about the player to defend them. After listening to Tim Stoeckel one of the biggest things he have to do is interact with the fans in most positive way and and ride the waves of the good energy. By basically enhancing the fan activity and energy over social media to build a relationship with them. Overall I learned to basically get the best out of the social media dont let it get best out of you..