INS Ecosystem: An Emerging BlockChain Based Groceries Industry

It is appealing to have a good quality product with a low price. INS ecosystem will provide you with a comfortable environment of Business for both the manufacture and the consumers. Consumers can buy grocery directly from its manufacturers with a low price and high quality. INS platform offers a product with Consumer website & apps, supplier interface, and Fulfilment interface.

Where the retailers will mark up more than 30% to 50% of the manufactured product prices, INS ecosystem will provide you an honest appraisal and allow you as consumers to have unlimited access to the top produces that sadly hard to accomplish by the retailers. This event is the results of its goals to maximize profit, so it forced manufacturers to optimize the supply chain for retailers and not the quality consumers needed.

What is INS Ecosystem and How it Work?

Groceries shopping style nowadays shifted from physical shopping to online groceries. This change brings a good progress in the grocery market. By 2020, is the world largest market consumer, Grocery market expected to reach $8.5 trillion. As the INS target, IDG estimated that online grocery would grow $192 billion in just five years.

INS ecosystem is a blockchain platform that relating the consumers to groceries manufacturers directly. INS Found by Peter Fedchenkov and Dmitry Zhulin. With its blockchain technologies, INS ecosystem offers the open source environment for the consumers and the manufacturers. INS solved retailer domination which is become a serious problem for both the consumer and manufacturer. The manufacturer can directly sell and promote its product to the consumers, while the consumer can choose and buy the best quality product with the reasonable prices and convenience.

Blockchain technologies is not a new thing regarding groceries market. There is already a lot of manufacturers that applied the blockchain technologies to publish and sell the product. These giant manufacturers such as Dole food company, Tyson Foods, Nestle, McCormick & Company, Kroger and McLane Company. This blockchain technology is enabling the consumers to check on their product quality and focused on it, then focusing on just to fulfill the demand which occurs due to retailer domination. To know more about INS, you can check it at:

However, there is not appealing to have just a few product to choose from the current grocery blockchain based technologies because it only contains one big company. The new blockchain technologies offered by INS will make a lot of companies to meet on just one platform with the consumers. That makes the consumers have a broader choice to buy the product.

The development of this grocery market blockchain based technologies, because there is much problem occurs in the grocery market nowadays, from retailer domination over grocery market business to ineffective issue of promotion trade. However, INS ecosystem sustains consumers and enterprise to connect directly; this will overcome the command by the retailer, this will make the business proceed healthily both for the consumers and the producers.

Like another blockchain technologies, INS ecosystem provides a wide variety of smart contract that ensures the transaction run smoothly and successfully. INS ecosystem also offers INS token as a reward for the consumers. There is a lot of benefits gained when you become a consumer in INS ecosystem. You can have an unlimited choice of the excellent and high-quality product, with cheaper prices than when you buy it in stores. Also, you can experience a convenient and comfortable online grocery shopping.

INS ecosystem was also fulfilling significant advantages for the manufacturers or producers. It can have full control over listing and pricing of the product. And while stores would even do its promotion and marketing to a consumer who can make the prices of the product a lot higher, INS ecosystem allows manufacture do promotion and marketing to consumers directly. Consumers also can give feedback to the manufacturers a lot faster and more detailed, so it can make the producer improve its product quality.

The market that dominated by the retailers causes a lot of disadvantages and problem for both consumer and manufacturers. This makes the retailers have significant control over manufacturers by its retail chains. Oftenly retailers dictate manufacturers what have to do with its product from the way it processed, packaged, promoted and priced. Direct interaction between consumers and manufacturers means that they can bypass retailer and wholesalers. It makes consumers can also make a broader choice about the product to choose including to local manufacturers. This creates domestic manufacturers such as farmers can sell the goods in INS ecosystem which is currently hard to do in the retailers because the farmers can not fit the retailer procurement terms and its supply chain.

The direct connection between consumers and the retailers also can cut the trade promotion that often spent 17% of the manufacturers’ sales. In INS ecosystem, manufacturers can reduce the promotion charge by retailer and wholesalers by directly giving a reward to its consumers. Smart contract and blockchain technologies make its possible to run cheaper and personalized miles based reward program similar to many airlines programs. This bonus is taking form in INS token.

This INS ecosystem will involve platform, manufacturers, consumers, and Fulfillment as willing participants. To ensure the sustainability and stability of long-term use, INS ecosystem also built following scalable decentralized and scalable approach. However, to know more about the INS ecosystem, you can read the white paper at

A. The platform which is a decentralized marketplace will allow the consumers to facilitate the order fulfillment orders and orders the product from the manufacturers. Also enabling the manufacturers to sell the product and publish it, do loyalty campaigns and promotion, and get feedback directly from consumers. INS roles include:

· Create and launch a token to fund expansion and development;

· Smart contract development to ensure the fulfillment process and order payment run successfully;

· Establish fulfillment app, customer website, an app, and web interfaces for fulfillment center operators and manufacturers

· Establish of good incentive model to join the ins ecosystem for all parties;

· Active marketing campaigns development to ignite initial transactions;

· Ecosystem regulatory aspects elaboration

B. Manufacturers are individuals or companies that produce a fresh product, consumable and groceries items that can be a multinational or local farmers business, such as Unilever, P&G, and Hollands, Campina, etc. There are roles of manufacturers including:

· Publish a product;

· Promote INS ecosystem;

· Deliver product to the consumers

C. Consumers are companies and individuals that will order groceries from the manufacturers. Orders from the consumers can be done through the INS website or other apps. The consumer has an important role such as:

· Order and buys the product from a manufacturers

· Receive a feedback reward, promotion, loyalty, and referral.

D. Fulfillment center operations are the people or lessees that responsible to facilitate and delivered a product ordered by the consumers. INS provides the fast geographical expansion by building independent fulfillment operations. The fulfillment people will:

· Collect product and make it delivered to the consumers;

· Organize the product.

INS ecosystem builds by experienced people in the grocery market and industries while growing and developing instant. Employs more than 200 people, Instamart which is the most prominent delivery operator in Russia has signed and worked with the most massive retailers, and leading grocery manufacturers. Many years working with the same object make INS ecosystem experienced and understood the problem that occurs in the industry. INS ecosystem will establish a balanced and decentralized ecosystem that are directly connecting manufacturers and consumers to disrupt the abuse of grocery market by the retailers. Conducted in 2017 by 35 instamart team, INS ready to save the money and time to do the grocery shopping.

INS ecosystem which is supported by the smart contract based blockchain technology will agree with the seller and the buyer written directly into the codes. Trusted agreements and interactions between anonymous people are possibly occurring in the INS ecosystem without the need for legal system, central authority, and external enforcement mechanism. INS ecosystem which adopts the blockchain technologies will make the platform can carry out a thousand transactions per second, unlike the other blockchain platform such as etherium which cannot carry out a lot of deals in a second due to its complexity.

INS take the profit by providing this platform from the two sources. The first is the distribution center fee when the infrastructure to order and send the product established. And secondly, by maintenance the INS own blockchain and creating and facilitating the smart contract and transaction occurs in INS ecosystem.

To learn more about INS, you can visit INS ecosystem social media in this link:

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INS Unique and Special Features

• INS will end the retailers and wholesalers domination by directly sell and promote the product to consumers by manufacturers

• INS enabling the consumers to do an online grocery shopping with the lower price and conveniently

• INS make the all of the manufacturers including local farmer enable to directly sell the product to its consumers, which is not the current condition occurs in the retailers that cannot allow local farmers to sell the product due to its incapability to fit the supply chain

• INS ecosystem enables the consumers to buy a product with a lower price and with a good quality product

• INS allowing the manufacturers to control the outcome both quality and quantity

• More direct, efficient and personalized promotion marketing that makes the grocery price lower

• Enabling the consumers to give a reward to the consumers directly using INS token

• Consumers can improve the quality product by receiving the feedback

• The consumers can buy a wide range of product choice from hundreds of manufacturers that joined INS ecosystem both local and multinational manufacturers

INS Token

INS ecosystem token has been designed to facilitate and support all of the transaction occurring on the platform. INS token is transferable which can be detected and tracked by INS. INS also being a sign to reward and as payment for all of the transaction. The transaction that can be paid by INS such as when manufacturers give a reward to the consumers for loyalty, promotion, cross-marketing, and feedback.

The total token that will be circulating the platform is 50,000,000 INS. This INS token is allocated 15% for the team, 5% for the advisors, early supports and bounty, 20% for the reserve fund and 60% for token sale contribution. The token contribution sale will start at December till the maximum cap is fulfilled.

INS token contribution will be held in December. The payment that acceptable are BTC, LTC, DASH, ETC, and transfer. 1 of the ETH can buy 300 of INS token. The people that can not join the ecosystem and buy the INS token are the people from the area where transaction with the cryptocurrency or digital money is prohibited.The token that will be received after the token contribution event ended will be stored in the multi-signature wallet.

This token is tradable, but it is cannot for investment purpose, security, commodity, currency or another financial instrument. The token may not be exchangeable to be the other cryptocurrency despite its capability to be exchanged on the cryptographic token exchange.

How To Be a Member of INS Ecosystem

Everybody can become a member and joined the INS ecosystem and gained a lot of valuable items by creating an INS platform account. The system will generate a wallet and user profile during a registration process. The wallet that preserved all of the data will be provided by INS. The participants also can interact and create a smart business contract that will be saved in the database. INS plan to giving an opportunity to the people who can buy the digital token in the cryptographic token exchange.

Profit Gained With INS ecosystem and Risk factor

The grocery market is such an up-and-coming business with it growing in the recent years. So it is profitable to join the INS because as consumers you can buy the high quality and good product at a lower price than when you buy it at the retailers. You also can choose a lot of product provided by the manufacturers joined in the platform.

And for the local and multinational manufacturers, it will make the grocery industry more profitable because the manufacturers can do the listing and pricing of the product by itself. While when using retailers and wholesalers, it dictates the pricing and listing due to fit its supply chain.

Despite a lot of its advantages. There is also a risk factor when joining the INS ecosystem. Both because of the blockchain technologies adopted in the online grocery market, values of a token, governmental risks, the course of the company parties, platform development and security risks.

The first is the risks caused by software and blockchain risks. It is not the rare and new problems that when adopted the blockchain technologies there will be a delay risk due to the capability of the blockchain technologies to proceed a lot of transactions. Despite the capacity of INS ecosystem to carry out a thousand of a deal in a mere second. And another risk regarding the software and blockchain matters is because of the software weaknesses which is because INS platform is new and untested.

INS token as may be the native cryptocurrency in INS platform, there will be a risk regarding this issue. INS token has a high chance because of the lack development of a market. As you may know that INS ecosystem can be called a new blockchain technologies that tend to still have a weakness because of a fact that it is untested. INS token also may be non-refundable. The value of INS token was also highly speculative and not transparent.

There are also regulatory risks where you used the digital token. There are unclear and unsettled rules regarding blockchain and digital token in many jurisdictions. Therefore INS ecosystem also has an uncertain regulatory framework. As the current condition there is no statutory requirement for the company to joined as participants in the INS ecosystem, but in the future, that may be important. So there is also a risk of failure to maintain, obtain and renew permits and license.

There is also a risk regarding the company parties business. The companies parties may engage in the conflict of interest between related parties. Invalidations of company transactions were even high occurring in the INS platform. And the more significant risk subject is because of the emerging markets. This emerging demand may cause the rapid change and outdated the initial platform.

Relating to platform development, there is also a risk due to its reliance on the third parties. The cryptocurrencies value also affect the stability of the platform, it also can cause the lack of interest in the platform and therefore can make the INS platform changed. The Security risk is due to the unpleasant event such as a risk of private key loss, attack of the smart contract and failure to track the purchaser account.

With a lot of advantages and risks, INS platform also has a great team that already have a lot of experience in the Groceries market, so it hopefully will make the INS platform work to the expectations of a lot of people. Despite its high risk, INS platform also a daring platform that bold to openly accepts its weakness so the participants can make a better consideration whether join or not on the platform.