CyberMiles Protocol and CyberMiles Token Contribution Event to Revolutionize Marketplace

The growth of online marketplace seems more obvious day by day. People are favoring this marketplace more and more due to its convenience and capability to connect around the world. It sure is a promising marketplace if we must say. However, bigger businesses become more and more favored as the time passes and smaller businesses can’t survive in today’s marketplace. To solve this issue, CyberMiles blockchain protocol comes to existence. With CyberMiles Token Contribution Event to join too, you can be part of the new ecosystem it brings to revolutionize today marketplace.

CyberMiles and What Is So Good About This One

As you might have known, CyberMiles is a new blockchain protocol both designed and developed especially for the purpose of changing the way of both commerce and marketplace work. To be exact, it is fixing the very issue where e-commerce and marketplace favors bigger players and send the smaller ones out of business. By revolutionizing marketplace, CyberMiles plans to create an environment where digital consumers can really buy and sell amongst themselves, create their own marketplace regardless of the scale of their business, and manage this very democratic community.

Buying and selling with confidence, certainty, and safety are now possible even in CyberMiles community. Why should we find the need of choosing this new blockchain protocol to give us solutions to today’s issues of e-commerce and marketplace? Why, of course, it is because this blockchain protocol has what it takes to deal with the issues. It has already improved protocols to offer and they do have large portion of applications covered to deal with online marketplaces and e-commerce. Once its adoption spreads, more and more things are becoming possible. More utilization and development is to be expected here.

We are referring to smart contract modules, of course. With more of them utilized and developed, they would be able to offer availability for both purchase and licensing. It becomes possible through an open marketplace, to be exact. This will then encourage the need of CyberMiles as well as this blockchain based innovative applications. Talking about reliability, CyberMiles is the right answer to that. What differentiates it from the others can be seen from two things. First, we would say that it has something to do with its highly experienced team. They have more or less 12 years of experience in the field of both marketplaces and e-commerce.

With such long experience, it is only natural for them to have better capability to develop and execute those solutions you need for the commercial applications. Second, the leading c2c local marketplace operator named 5miles that CyberMiles works with, has shown promising growth since the time it was first launched. Did you know? It has 12 million users and millions of transactions done every year. They even happen across over 20 major categories. These facts alone are enough to lead the adoption of CyberMiles blockchain protocol in the marketplace to benefit all consumers.

Native Crypto Token Currency of CyberMiles Protocol

Without doubt, CyberMiles is designed and developed especially for transactions and commercial applications. If that is the case, there must be certain currency used in its network. Yes, as you might have suspected, this blockchain protocol has its own currency for the network transactions. The native crypto token currency of it is the one developed by 5xlab and goes by the name CyberMiles Token (CMT). Basically, this currency is intended to power smart contract modules. However, it is currently being developed to be highly liquid for better benefit of it usage in CyberMiles’ network.

Aimed to be highly liquid currency, 5xlab is trying to make it offer the best compatibility ever with many and various applications. This would be pretty flexible and convenient native token currency to use for sure. Not to mention, CyberMiles Token is made possible to be mined in all sorts of ways to encourage the participants more in the ecosystem. That way, the new marketplace can keep running and even attract new consumers to join in as well. You’ve got to hand it to CyberMiles and the ones working together with it to make such thing possible. Yes, besides 5miles, there is 5xlab to help too.

As the leading c2c local marketplace operator, 5miles is there to use the real-world applications for the blockchain developed by 5xlab. You can definitely say this operator acts as the initial ecosystem in this network. With the applications used for the blockchain, CyberMiles will be the one to support these solutions. Along with that, 5xlab has developed CMT based on CyberMiles blockchain to fuel the transactions as well as to encourage the ecosystem’s participants. This is how the relationship between CyberMiles and 5miles and 5xlab is and how they have something to do with each other.

To become part of this new marketplace and e-commerce and CyberMiles is trying to realize, you will need to purchase some tokens for you to use on the network. For that purpose, CyberMiles is currently holding Token Contribution Event where participants can purchase tokens for them to use. Since it is an event and you will be considered as participant, you will need to do the registration before you can actually make the purchase. The early contributions and registration for public ones might be closed by now, but the event is still going on. There are many to learn about this event.

Things to Know About CM’s Token Contribution Event

You can’t be clueless if you are planning on participating in this event. Even though you can’t make it to the registration date, it is not like there will be no second chance of participating it someday in the future. That is why it won’t hurt and be a waste of time for you to learn everything you can about the event. If you don’t know much, more and more question might just arise along the way and you might not be able to find the answer to them right away. So, let’s learn some of them here.

  • The Exact Time for Tokens to Be Distributed

As you might have known, registration and payment for the purchase must be done at the exact time set in the event schedule. Once the event done, just when exactly will we get the tokens added to our wallet? Surely, this question would be one that concerns you the most. Why, of course, we can’t afford losing what we have just bought after all. You don’t have to wait too long before you can get the purchased tokens in your possession. Let us make it clear so you know everything of it here.

To be exact, the tokens bought in CyberMiles Token Contribution Event will be distributed within the span of 30 days to all the participants after the end of the event. There might be a need for certain agreement adjustments though. Thus, sufficient time is needed so that all the retailed symbols are precisely transported. The purchased tokens might not be distributed right away, but we can say for sure that it will be available within 30 days and no more than that. So, give it some time to wait if you discover that your tokens are not yet distributed.

  • The Place Where Purchased Tokens to Be Seen

Now that you have known when you will exactly have your purchased tokens distributed, aren’t you wondering where precisely you will accept those tokens? You can’t possibly to know nothing of the destination of your purchased tokens after the payment, right? Knowing it will let you know where you can check whether the tokens you bought have arrived or not. If by perchance, you don’t accept the tokens within 30 days after checking it, you can always make complaint right away. Isn’t it right?

This shows just how important it is to know where your purchased tokens are supposed to go after the payment. Let us tell you that you will have your CyberMiles tokens sent to your Ethereum wallet. This is the very wallet address which you must have provided upon the registration to participate in this Token Contribution Event. Give it a look after the event ended within 30 days. You should have been able to see that the purchased tokens have been added to your wallet. To begin with, this Ethereum wallet is meant for this very purpose after all.

  • The Cause for the Pending in the Transactions

What if you get pending in your transaction? Well, this is not something impossible to happen. However, it is not something to be freaked out either. Pending in transaction can possibly happen. It is because there is a need for it to be confirmed by the miners first than anything. To do so, sufficient time is needed as well. That is why your transactions can’t always be done in pretty short time. There is no need for you to worry though. It is not like the pending will be going forever here.

Give it some time for the transactions to be done by CyberMiles. Once they get approval from the miners, you will get your balance updated right after that. Since the tokens are worth getting to become part of the community CyberMiles trying to build, it is just as worth the wait before you can finally receive the purchased tokens from Token Contribution Event. Invest some and you will get more in return. Things like this are only possible in CyberMiles’ community. It is also their way of revolutionizing today’s marketplace and e-commerce.

  • The Consequence of Losing Account Password

As you might have known, we would need to make specific account to participate in CyberMiles Token Contribution Event. It is important to remember your account as well as its password for just every use of it in Internet network. However, we need this account for purchase and receive tokens. Does that mean that we will lose the tokens we bought if we happen to forget the password? This question sure might pop up in your mind since the account is that of importance, not just one to send or receive mails to simply read and reply after all.

No need to worry and you can rest assured for sure. Just because you forget the password, it does not mean the end of everything. You won’t lose your purchased tokens as long as you recover your password immediately. Just like other accounts, you can still get “Forgot Password” option even for it. Use this very option to get access to your account again. You might need to confirm that the account is yours before you renew the password. However, everything should be fine as long as you follow the procedure along the way. So, do give it a try and you can secure your purchase tokens.

  • The Participants Prohibited in Contribution Event

Initially, CyberMiles is blockchain protocol designed and developed for people across the globe to choose and solve today’s marketplace and e-commerce issues. However, it seems that not all people are allowed to take part in its Contribution Token Event. There are certain ones prohibited to participate in. However, it is more like that CyberMiles is unable to receive them. Those participants we are referring to here are unfortunately the people from the Republic of China as well as the people authorized by USA Office of Foreign Assets Control.

CyberMiles can’t receive those participants because of regulatory rationality reason. Even with this restriction, CyberMiles can still cover the rest of the participants across the world. If you are one of them, you are lucky for you can be part of this amazing ecosystem. You can visit its official website in and you can read thoroughly about this blockchain protocol from its technical whitepaper in Take your time learning about this new protocol. However, we can guarantee that you won’t regret your decision of becoming part of it. It benefits everyone. So, there is nothing wrong about joining it.

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