Some Interesting Facts about Kurry Up

East Indian Cuisine

The city of Calgary in Alberta, a Canadian Province, is home to a number of Indian restaurants. These are famous for the mouth-watering delicacies they serve. The Indian scan get a taste of the authentic food served in their country even from a home away from home. Among the Indian restaurants in Calgary which serve traditional Indian cuisine, the name of kurry up stands out. This Indian Restaurant Calgary tops the list of Indian restaurants with its modern décor and wide variety of cuisine. Though a number of authentic dishes from different parts of India are served here, this restaurant specializes in the East Indian Cuisine.

The East Indian platter served at kurry up includes a wide assortment of breads, tandoori dishes, varieties of rice, lamb dishes, butter chicken, vegetarian dishes like paneers, dals, and many more. A specialty of this restaurant is the Kashmiri dishes it serves. The customers can opt for food served in the family style — sharing the food kept at the center of the table.

Further, the customers can opt for pickup or delivery options. The food served here is prepared using traditional Indian herbs and spices. Surprise dishes are also a specialty of this restaurant, and this include mixing up of regional curries and sauces with the Indian taste to get a whole new dish.
To summarize, kurry up is a whole new experience for the customers craving for Indian food.