My Love-Hate Relationship With Mary Jane (And Why I’m Divorcing Her)

I think marijuana is an incredible drug because it can realy enhance life at times and has many medicinal purposes that truly benefits mankind.

With that being said, it’s not for me anymore.

When I smoke weed, my brain becomes cloudy and it is more difficult to recall previous experiences and resulting lessons from those experiences. Also, if I’m around new people, I often become paranoid (totally not me) and it is much more difficult for me to communicate at a high proficiency. And lastly, I do a lot of writing which goes to waste because I have a difficult time refining my work and really bringing things together in a way which readers benefit from or enjoy the most.

On the contrary, when I don’t smoke weed, I experience complete mental clarity, my productivity skyrockets, my relationships get better, and everything I’ve learned over the past 3 years (my period of transformation) is always present in my thinking and resulting behavior.

The reason why I still smoke Mary Jane is clearly because I’m “addicted”. Or in other words, I’ve developed a ritual in my life by smoking it almost everyday since I left high school 10 years ago.

Although I have quit many times over the passed 3 years, usually for 3–6 month intervals, I continue to go back to it for one of two reasons; being around others that smoke it (almost everyone I know, super productive or not), or because I’m in a shitty spot in my life and the fastest way to dumb down the incessant thinking and resulting stress is to smoke a fatty.

Of course, this does not solve the given problem which is occurring in my life. It only temporarily relieves me of the negative feedback my brain is trying to communicate to me in order to change, aka, pain.

I will never limit myself from anything. I believe moderation is most important — whatever that means to the specific individual. However, going forward, I will begin smoking less and less to the point where it just becomes a fun thing to on occasion.

For those of you who do love smoking Mary Jane and feel that the upside is greater than the downside — which obviously there are many of you — much love and have a happy 420!!! :)

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