Life Death Protest

A young man lives
His mother loves him
His father too
His siblings as well

A young man lives
He has made choices
Some were bad
Others were great

A young man lives
He works to pay the bills
He works to feed his family
He doesn’t have enough

A young man dies
He dies at the hands of another
He dies to young to die
He dies without cause

A young man dies
He dies in cold blood
He dies without resisting
He dies because they didn’t care

A young man dies
In the street
Surrounded by injustice
Without cause

A young man has died
His mother loved him
His father too
His siblings as well

A young man died
Too short a life
Too hard a life
His spirit was broken

A young man died
His choices criticized
His name destroyed
His life taken

His peers protest
They fill the street
They speak for humanity
They gather for peace

His peers protest
They demand justice
They wale for equality
Their world unsafe

His peers protest
Their lives matter
Their lives have hope
Their lives are life

Our society searches
They must find compassion
They must deliver hope
They must seek Christ

Our society searches
They must be love
They must be peace
They must be just

Our society searches
To likely to forget
To likely to loose more
To likely to mourn again

This poem was written by Kurt Beard one night after looking at pictures of the protests in Baltimore. His social media feeds are filled with drastically different views on the situation from Christian leaders. Lost in some views is the FACT that life matters no matter whose life it is.

Originally published at on April 29, 2015.

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