Social Media: 3 Reasons Promotion Shouldn’t Be Your Focus

It’s certainly true that more and more businesses feel the need to develop a strong social media presence. However, running a successful digital marketing strategy takes a level of know-how. The problem a lot of brands get themselves in is failing to get the balance right on their digital channels. The following article will look at some reasons that self-promotion shouldn’t be your main focus on social media.

One of the mistakes brands make is they think their social media page is all about their business. However, the key to success lies with creating content your audience will love and engage with. Simply put, advertisements for your latest product and service is not usually going to be the way to do that.

Therefore, it’s important to understand which types of content your audience will love. When you tailor to their needs, they will be more open to receiving messages from your business in the future. Remember that social media only works when you can grow your audience, and you can engage them regularly.

A platform such as Twitter is all about communication with your audience. It’s obvious that’s the case because successful brands will often talk about joining the conversation on Twitter. Each social media site is slightly different, but interaction in some form joins them all together.

It’s tempting to think about starting a social media page and merely posting all of your products and services in the hope of some bites. That’s not the way successful digital marketing works though, so instead engagement and communication are what you should be aiming for. It may be that you can convert them to customers at a later stage, but that’s not your starting point.

There is a range of different content you can use to spark debate, such as linking to one of your recent blog posts, posting a video or creating visual content. It’s also a good idea to ask your audience questions. Polls work particularly well on both Twitter and Facebook for example.

Another mistake that brands may make here is thinking that everyone that follows them is a customer. In general, you should think in terms of converting a small percentage of your followers to customers. Again, the same rules occur, and you want those to follow you to share your content.

Remember that if a fan or follower shares, they may bring a potential new customer to your page. However, for this to work well, you need to create content that people want to share. Obviously, this may be a product or service you offer in some cases, but often it won’t be.

Social media marketing is something most brands now want to get involved in, especially if they are targeting younger users. However, a social media page is not merely somewhere to place sales adverts. If that’s all you ever do, it’s unlikely you will gain a big audience. Remember to create content that your audience will love, keep in mind that social media is about the conversation and not every follower will be a customer.

Kurt Chrisler is the owner of Chrisler Marketing, Inc, a digital marketing company. You can connect with him on LinkedIn (Kurt Chrisler)

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