Life Status: Enjoyment

What is this peculiar and unusual place? It feels like months since I’ve ventured into the nether that is called a writing platform and actually stringed together a coherent sentence that people can understand.

I believe I left here last time explaining how my life had turned a completed 180 from what it had been, and how I was trying to concentrate on enjoying and appreciating something I never once did: life. That’s why I took a hiatus from writing; that’s why I steered clear from social media for a short while also. You can throw as many cliche, overused phrases you want to at this situation, but here’s a TL;DR of what my life has been like for the past 5 months: The best fucking time of my entire life. Actually, good opportunity to segue into a new paragraph. See you after the break.

The Best Fucking Time of My Entire Life

Not only was it a good segue opportunity, it’s a decent enough subheading. Who knew?

I’m not going to go much into mental health, or how I was before because it brings up memories I don’t like thinking about.

I will say one thing to people going through depression, coming from a person that is still dealing with remnants of it to this day:

One simple action can change your whole life entirely.

I’m not one for being intellectual about phrasing, so I’ll stick with that quote for now. When I was going through my darkest days — roughly 5 or 6 months ago — you feel a sense of obscurity that you can never shake. No amount of distraction or sleeping will ever get rid of that feeling that’s lingering like a bit of popcorn stuck in your teeth; it’s not a prominent thought, or even at the forefront of your emotions, but it’s always there lingering and eating away at you.

Although this feeling gives off the impressions that it is there to stay with no escape from it, just know it does get better. Now, I’m not here to give you the ‘Here’s How to Cure Depression’ schtick, because we all know it’s dependant on the person and how they deal with the issues, and most importantly what works for them. For me, I needed happiness and security — a support system that I wasn’t really getting elsewhere. Even though each day was worse than the last, and I never saw an escape from what I had in my mind, the early months of June changed my life for the better and the road to redemption had a clear outline. I found my support system, and although it wasn’t as simple as snapping a finger and you’re cured, you feel and notice that the deep down feeling of obscurity fading into the distance. It’s a long, difficult journey, but that end goal of euphoria waking up in the morning with nothing but happiness is worth the fight of your life to find it.

Hey, look at that — ‘not going much into it’ meant I really did go into it. Haven’t missed a beat, have I?

What’s Next

While I was on my journey to finding happiness again, I lost my love for writing. Sure, it sucked, but I think I just needed a break from everything. Being burned out as a very real thing to have, and I was going through it at the time. I just wanted to ride the rollercoaster of happiness that I was never tall enough to ride before. Weird way to describe it, but I’m going with it. Moral of the story is: it’s okay to take a step back and smell the roses; your hobbies won’t be going anywhere.

I rekindled my relationship with the MobileTechTalk team very recently, and I feel like right now I’m ready to get back on the saddle in terms of writing. I may be a little rusty, and boy my vocabulary needs a bit of a tune up, but I’m ready nevertheless.

So, I’m back. Because who doesn’t need more writers in an oversaturated market of ’em, right?!.

I’ll be doing an opinion piece on my iPhone 7 since I’ve had it for a short while now.

Watch this space!