Why & How I Productized Our Web Design Services

August 1, 2014

The inherit trap of freelancing is that you end up selling your time. When you’re selling time, you hit a price ceiling pretty quickly. (Plus it has inherent other problems like clients trying to manage time for you.) The first psychological hurdle to get passed is to stop selling time and instead sell value. I’ve had this mantra beaten into me by freelance coach Brennan Dunn. It worked well for getting over my own psychological pricing hurdles and getting me to a place where we could charge $40K for WordPress development when working with agencies (because we’re delivering far more value than that.)

While that has worked well for our consulting business, I still have small businesses, startups, and otherwise price-sensitive people who want and need our help but can’t afford our redesign prices. I want to help them but I can’t do it at the detriment of our consulting business.

Offering an affordable, fixed fee version of our web design & development consulting services would definitely help them. Even better, what if I could make a service that sells itself so its easily scalable? I recently came up with Website Rescues which lets small business clients get their existing websites bolstered by my experience in best practices. For $1984, I apply 30–40 performance, usability, and design best practices to improve any site without the time or expense of a full redesign.

I promote the site using link building and AdWords to get visitors to the page, where they’re offered a free email course drip campaign, and are later retargeted using PerfectAudience. I’ve also found that I can offer the package as a cross-sell with redesigns. We apply the rescue as an interim fix while the redesign is in progress.

The best part about offering a productized version of consulting services is that it’s only as complicated as dreaming up a package. Anyone who is currently freelancing can do it. Before I even built the site, I pitched it to clients in proposals to test the concept before building the sales page.

I hope this provides some inspiration. Hit me with your questions on Twitter, I want to help you succeed.