The Top 8 Worlds In Our Solar System For Life
Ethan Siegel

Great stuff man, I think about this stuff all the time yet never took the time to assemble my written and mental scribbles. Thank you! And here is where the search can get very interesting./// Of course, the question, “What is Life?” leads us where Schrodinger led us, and on to the Santa Fe institute and all those geniuses (mostly physicists, right) doing cool stuff, like A-Life. Yet all of that, including Maturana and Varela remains deeply inside the presumption that life (or perhaps more appropriately Life) equals the organismal state. In other words, Life = cells= membrane-bound metabolism with nucleic acid replicator molecules and so on. that is what “everybody” thinks, perhaps rather without knowing they are thinking it. ///There is another way of exploring Life, doing so phenomenologically. In other words, leave aside a literal (or presumed) cellular/organismal Life definition, consider the hypothesis that Life occurs along a continuum of self-organizing complexity, then look at cloud forms and whirling galaxies alongside everything that is Living. /// Recognize entification as a process, or more completely as a processing-patterning (“form”); Life is a “verb”, is Living, and that leads to this abstract: Life is: A simple synthesis of molecular to circumplanetary living./// You’ll groove on it, here’s why: 1) From the abstractt, “Life — the phenomenon of Living — is an irreducible phenomenon that occurs along a broader spectrum of dynamical emergent complexity…..Life (equals) self-perpetuation that evolves (changes through time) and can self-repair (healing). /// In other words, Living autoregenerates, evolves and can self-repair. Examples: 1)Napalm an ancient forest, come back in 1000 years…. Living autoregenerates, evolves and can self-repair. 2)Eat a prion (actually, don’t)… Living autoregenerates, evolves and can self-repair.. and so on. /// Conclusion: Living consortia are authentically alive, eco-”systems” (They are not systems, they are irreducible phenomena as a rigorous empirical description and falsifiable hypothesis…), populations, clades, evolutionary faunas, biosphere(s), human gut floras…all authentically Living. /// On to exobiology, via Hadean Earth. The earliest geochemical signal for biological C fractionation is at >4.0 GYA (Schidlowski, Steve Mojszis, John Valley with various isotopic data sets, and it is a big fractionation signal, comparable in magnitude to today’s) compared with first fossils at 3.5GYA (Warrawoona Group sediments, Australia). THAT IS A HALF-BILLION YEAR GAP! Could it be poor preservation? Yes, possibly, most think so, presume so. However, given that Consortial Life (CL) is required for Organismal Life (OL)(e.g. meiosis and mitosis (like prion and the Citric Acid/Krebs cycle) are autoregenerative (and autocatalytic) biochemical consortia, precede, are required for and perpetuate celular Life, why not a pre-organismal biosphere on early Earth? (and further beyond?). /// In other words, it ought not be “critters” we are looking for, it is self-regenerating “metabolisms” that can self-repair and evolve (prions again…. self-replicating proteins… no DNA/RNA). If we trust the halh billion year time gap as real, and the isotope data on Hadean rock/mineral samples as reliable (they almost certainly are), we have clear evidence for biochemical , preorganismal Life transforming the atmosphere/circumplanetary exosurface. 5) For detail on why/how that is, the next step is required: Earth’s atmosphere is a biofilm. Thanks for follwing through to here. Get it? Cool, right? Now what? :) Kurt