Why I’m Secretly Rooting For President Trump
M.G. Siegler

Just for fun, check the wikipedia article on Barry Goldwater. He was a xenophobic populist states-rights conservative who captured the republican nomination for president in 1964 to the great dismay of the republican establishment. His ideas were so abhorrent to the majority of Americans that, not only did a democrat (the also-appalling LBJ) win the presidency, but a tidal wave of house and senate seats went to democrats as well.

Hilary Clinton might not beat Jeb Bush, but she would wipe the floor with Trump. Only it won’t be Hillary vs Donald. For my money it’ll be Sanders versus Trump for president. Whoever wins, half the country will be moving to Canada. This gives the long-suffering Canadians a big stake in this particular presidential race. What will they call the undocumented emigrants from the U.S. paddling across the St. Lawrence river? Anyone for “Greenbacks”?

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