The Classroom Is Dead
Eli Horowitz

Yeah, yeah. All Paradigms Must Be Broken

Stop me if you’ve heard this before EVERY GENERATION SINCE THE ROMAN EMPIRE!

Because the previous 100 generations of educators were morons who never figured out a single thing. The bright, shiny, untried ideas of the recent graduate are the only valid ideas that have ever been thought.

Seriously, investing in something as expensive and space-consuming as a swingset or skate park to teach something kids learn today for about 15 minutes? This is the future? Where is the money not to mention the space to build the playground school of the future going to come from? What kind of toys teach theorem proving or literary criticism?

The real problem with education is that we (society) needs it to be inexpensive. That’s why we warehouse kids in basically-empty classrooms with one teacher for 30 students. It’s the cheapest mechanism that educates a reasonable majority of kids. Society could spend more on education, but it would mean fewer iPhones and new cars and smaller houses. It’s actually very fortunate that children are as easy to teach as they are.

To really break paradigms and disrupt education, find a way to do the same kinda half-assed job we do currently for a tenth the cost. Give half the savings back to taxpayers (they’ll call you a god), and spend the other half on doing a better job of education (your children will cure cancer and visit the stars).