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You may need to think about doing an overlay or two with the color dot, similar to superimposing the globe on the red. One of Trump’s superpowers is to manipulate the media, so we’re talking about crowd sizes instead of the women’s march. Meanwhile big stuff is happening that our inept media won’t focus on.

You mentioned Keystone and Dakota, but it could be more significant than that. Trump had a meeting with union leaders on the 24th about rebuilding America’s infrastructure, and thereby expanding jobs, especially union jobs. After the meeting, Building Trade Union head Sean McGarvey said, “We just had probably the most incredible meeting of our careers with (President Donald J. Trump).He intends to do the work on the issues he discussed on the campaign trail,” McGarvey said. “It was by far the best meeting I’ve had (in Washington).”

The democrats have owned the workers/unions since the late 1800s. It was not uncommon for unions to send paid staff to work on behalf of campaigns. The DNC has taken that voting block for granted, even as non-public unions have been in decline for decades. Trump could make the republicans competetive for the union vote. That’s not just a nail in the coffin, but a medium-size stake in the heart of the DNC.

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