Be Remarkable!

I have been passionate about strong brands and the strategies that built them my entire professional career.

My first job after university was a graphic designer working for an ad agency. Loaded with burning passion to change the marketing world, I found that trying to convince superiors and clients to change or improve marketing strategies visually and/or creatively didn’t work all the time. Personal tastes and influences would override common sense and strategy. Something was missing.

I tried finding the answer in other careers like sales and sales management but none of them could scratch the itch or give me the answer to a simple question: “Why would someone choose my product or service over someone else’s?”

It wasn’t until I ran with my own startup business where I finally started getting some answers. Why would someone choose my startup brand? Because I had built something that was new and different. Nobody had done it before and I filled a niche. My startup brand was…remarkable, and business success came as a result.

In order to stand out, you have to be new, different or best case scenario: remarkable. If you are not remarkable you’re invisible. Whether you are a startup business owner with ambitions to go big or an established business organization that yearns to build a recognizable and respected brand, being remarkable is the key.