Hello! Welcome to my blog.

If you are interested in business and how entrepreneurs started major companies you might enjoy this blog.

My plan for this page is to document and share my journey in creating a successful business. I have tried many ventures without any success..YET! But I know my time will come.

I plan to create regular content talking about my ideas and failures and what I learned in the process. I know looking back at these posts after reaching my goals will be an amazing feeling.

Well I document this journey I will also be interviewing successful founders and CEO’s to learn from their mistakes and successes.

If you like reading case studies on how business’s got started, you are going to love my future content.

Bellow you will find my first YouTube video documenting my current project.

It includes:

  • How we got the idea of our app.
  • How we validated that Idea.
  • The execution of our app
  • Finally, what we learned and the future plan for the app.

I hope you enjoy!

If you liked the video I would love to hear what project you are currently working on and your thoughts on the video.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my page.



Kurtis Anderton

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