How to start a successful personal training business

Or in my case, how to ‘almost’ be successful in the fitness industry.

In this podcast post/video I talk about my experience running my personal training business.

I was a trainer for almost 4 years and loved every moment of it. I learned so much about business and working with people.

As part of my documenting journey I wanted to cover my season as a personal trainer and what I learned and wish I did better. In this post I cover:

  • Why I got started as a personal trainer.
  • How I go my first clients.
  • My mistakes and findings with marketing and referrals.
  • Pricing and rates.

I hope you enjoy this video!

Have you done any business in the fitness industry? If so I would love to hear all about it! Make a fast comment about you experience.

Thanks for stopping by, And Remember YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES!

Kurtis Anderton

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