First Blog Review : Still in The Cage

For my Blog Review post, I want to share with you all a short film that I watched directed by Skrillex and Wiwek. Skrilex and Wiwek are both music producers and DJs, Skrillex being more well known for his success in the United States in genres such as EDM, Dubstep, and Rap/Pop music. Wiwek is a Dutch DJ and music producer, and together worked on some of the tracks/ composition for the film. The short film is called Still in the Cage, and it is about a group of these teenagers that are from this city somewhere in Asia. The teens feel as they are outcast of their city, and feel the hardships of living in the slums. They feel as if they are victims of the system and that there is no hope, which starts their talks of a journey to a village beyond the city. The film uses both well produced EDM tracks, and a short film with a full story about these girls’ journey to a forgotten village that keeps it interesting throughout. Movies have what is called a film score, which is when music is specifically made to accompany a film. So, these two DJs are doing the soundtrack for this movie, and they feature these heavy EDM tracks and it results in this crazy music video/ short film adaption. The short film is presented and compressed into Acts, similar to how a play would be. The film features these unique locations and landscapes paired with crazy costumes, trippy visual effects, with this unique editing style. The short film has this high-end movie production quality. Its unique to see a people like Skrillex and Wiwek, who are typically considered just DJ, shows how similar Composers, Producers, Artist, and Sound Engineers and how music and film can come together.

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