I agree with a lot here.
Chris Pawlukiewicz

Thanks for the feedback!

I’ve read a lot of FED stuff lately that’s basically “use this tool/philosophy/etc or you’re not a real Javascript developer” (such as to the two Eric Elliot posts you link to). This kind of oppositional attitude to differing ideas is negative for the field, I feel.

I have to agree with you here. There is an overwhelming amount of material that falls under that umbrella. I link to those articles because even though the tone of the article is on the far end of the pushy scale, there is really good information buried in there. I love to learn and push my understanding of JavaScript, and unless the article or talk is just truly unbearable, I will try to take something away from it. You never know what you may learn, even from those who we may find intolerable personally or politically.

It’s funny because I had a similar discussion about Eric Elliot on Reddit!

I especially like the airbnb styleguide though. It’s pretty nice. Thanks for sharing.

Yeah it’s great! I find it saves a lot of time to just come to a consensus on a style guide and stick with it, and that’s generally the one that gets picked.

Happy JavaScripting!

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