s01e04 — snap calls

Better late than never

Super short week, so doesn’t feel like I spent a ton of time at work. Was nice to take a slightly extended Easter break though. We headed out east with family. Can’t beat some sea air by the coast.

Time may have been scarce, but I managed to get caught up in some fairly tense scenarios with a couple of projects. A gentle reminder of how crucial the art of managing expectations can be. Especially with stakeholders. Can’t help but think they could’ve been avoided with a bit more of a proactive approach. We’re halfway through our cycle and are in a bit of a lull. Some small stuff has been pushed through fairly quickly, some bigger items proving to be trickier customers.

Also managed to finish up a quick web tool that I’ve been working on for a department away day. Nice to get back into some code work, until the firewall blocks any git push and I remember I don’t have permissions to run Atom locally either. Turned out ok, with some pretty basic JavaScript that’s not very elegant but does the trick.

Elsewhere, it was good to reconnect with a friend from another authority. We seem to face fairly similar circumstances, and always nice to bounce ideas off people with some distance. Also illustrates perfectly a thing I keep coming back to — public sector tech is not a zero sum game.

I co-chair the midlands regional LocalGovDigital group, and we’ve been organising the next peer session. Hoping for a decent turnout, so I’ve been spreading the word and tried to drum up some more interest. We could do with a broader East Midlands contingent. It’s a fairly quiet region ’digitally’ though. Tough to tease folk out of the woodwork.

Caught up on some reading here and there, so plenty of good reads this week to make up for the lack of notes:

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