The Mindset of an Elite Data Scientist

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I intend on speaking with many more lead data scientists, however, if I am totally honest, the reasoning behind why I reached out to them was never to make a blog post.

In fact, the reason I decided to reach out to some of the leaders in our field is that I wanted to gain a better understanding of their mindset. The mindset of a Lead Data Scientist! Quite frankly, I’ve never experienced speaking to one prior to this initiative, let alone working under one — I’ve only ever been the sole Data Scientist (or Machine Learning Engineer).

After speaking to the first two, I left feeling extremely inspired and thinking how life-changing the information and advice I was receiving first hand was. In a blink, I recalled the mission of my blog… To fuel the growth of indispensable Data Scientists, which then resulted in this write up. To further add, my initial instinct was also reiterated to me by one of the Lead Data Scientist, Thom Ives namely, who commissioned me to pass on the message to the community — A modern-day Andrew Carnegie and Napoleon Hill sort of thing, just quite far off being exactly that. …


Kurtis Pykes

Passionate about fuelling the growth of Indespensible “Data Scientists”.

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