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If you aren’t convinced that branding is important for Data Science, or you agree it is important but you’re not quite sure as to why then I recommend you read the 2 posts linked below then come back to this one.

We’ve got why branding is important out of the way.


On October 30th I wrote an article titled “Freelancing May Be The Best Way To Do Data Science in 2021” which I know is subjective, but I thought I’d give it a shot. …

Improving our skills on Purpose

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To date, I’ve gradually improved my Data Science skills based on gut feel. I’d feel as though I should have a better grasp of Algorithms then I’d study it and implement it from scratch in the Algorithms From Scratch series. In fact, this gut feeling was the same thing that brought about the PyTrix Series.

Not to say that I haven’t amassed tons of skills along the way because that wouldn’t be true. Nonetheless, there was a point I had reached where I began to ask myself why I’ve got all of these skills, fancy top writer acknowledgments on Medium, a rapidly growing network on Medium, and yet I still feel like I am just squabbling for scraps at the bottom of the food chain. …

Natural Language Processing Notes

Notes from Natural Language Processing Specialization Course 2, Week 2

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Part-of-speech (POS) tagging is a popular Natural Language Processing process which refers to categorizing words in a text (corpus) in correspondence with a particular part of speech, depending on the definition of the word and its context.

The Machine Learning Inevitables

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When working on a Machine learning task, it’s highly likely the process will be extremely iterative due to the nature of Machine Learning, which involves a computer learning without being explicitly programmed.

Similar to how we work on mock exams to improve ourselves in an attempt to achieve higher grades on the real exam, we use mock instances — better known as validation data — to infer how we can expect to do when the model is placed in the real world.

If you think of how we improve by using mock exams, it generally consist of identifying what we have done wrong and revisit those subjects. Likewise, if we could identify the areas in which our machine learning models makes errors, we can revisit those places and make some adjustments to improve our model “mock score” in turn implying we will achieve a better result when the model meets the real world. …

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From My Personal Experience…

Here is a pretty bold claim… At some point, everybody practicing Data Science has experienced imposter syndrome. Imposter Syndrome is extremely common in Data Science and many other fields, to say the least). It entails an intense feeling of incapability by the practitioner (in this case yourself), which in turn results in the practitioner feeling as though they are a fraud.

Many readers of my last post “3 Tips to Transition Into Data Science From Any Field” reached out to me to inform me how inspired they felt, however, they’ve been struggling to rise above the imposter syndrome trait I mentioned. Consequently, I’ve decided to put together some “hacks” I’ve personally used to rise above my own imposter syndrome and will share them with you in hope that they may help you also. …

There is no definitive Path

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It’s been 2 years since I last delivered mail. Quite frankly, I am not missing it, in fact, the thought of me being a mailman seems absurd to me. But it definitely happened, I was first working for Royal Mail which is Britains postal service and courier, before switching to the mailroom at the City of London’s Guildhall.

With little education and lack of a network for guidance, I staggered my way into Data Science. Although I still have plenty to learn, I am at a point now where I can look back at where I was and be proud to say I’ve accomplished something I said that I will do, even though the odds were stacked against me. …

Sentiment analysis on Tweets

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It’s undeniable that social media has now become an extremely important platform to aid businesses in increasing their online reach. Over the years, marketers have progressively become more and more aware of the importance of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the role they play in business growth via mouth-to-mouth marketing.

Many are also noticing, social media is a great place to meet your customers exactly where they are and it is fair to say, some businesses have got a decent sense of humor…

Natural Language Processing Notes

Notes From Natural Language Processing Specialization Course 2 Week 1

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Autocorrect is the saving grace for us all. The number of times I’ve gone to type a message and it would come out as if I am drunk then autocorrect intercedes on my behalf — Oh, how I love you autocorrect (sometimes).

To define Autocorrect more formally, it is a software function that suggests or makes corrections for spelling or grammatical errors automatically whilst we type.

We all use autocorrect, but this post will teach you how it works. However, in these notes, we will only be covering spelling errors and not contextual errors. For example, “Happy Birthday my deah Friend!” contains the misspelled word “deah” which autocorrect would hopefully identify and change to “dear” (given our model is accurate). On the other hand, “Happy Birthday my deer Friend!” …

Office Hours

The makeup of a great mentor

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Off the back of my last article “Finding A Mentor In Data Science”, I’ve received good feedback yet I realized I made a schoolboy error. I didn’t detail well enough the things that one ought to look for in their Data Science mentor.

Therefore, this post will cover the various things one should seek when they attempt to find their mentor.

As previously stated, mentors can help you excel faster in your career in many ways. …


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