Most consultants can be divided into “managers” and “doers”.

By Kurt E. Van Stuyvesant

Managers tend to manage doers and they don’t do anything themselves. They believe their job is to manage, not do.

Doers are the front line workers taking action and driving progress. Doers believe their job is to do, not think, or manage.

This is totally convoluted — any company with any sign of this is sure to fail and if you encounter one, avoid it like the plague.

The best people to drive progress are “thinker-doers”.

These people are masterful doers first, from their doing they think how doing can be improved and then they improve their doing.

They don’t need management or supervision because they manage and supervise themselves. Any manager who tries to manage them will be shown who’s boss by the doer themselves.

Throughout history the “thinker-doers” have driven everything…

Leonardo DaVinci wasn’t an artist that outsourced his “thinking” and “paint creation” to others… He made it his business to master everything…

Leonardo was a philosopher, a thinker, a painter, a chemist (just so that he could make his own paints and pigments), and he managed himself.

The best consultants aren’t “marketers” or “salesmen”…

They’re fully developed multi-faceted businessman-artists who combine finance, accounting, technology, design, product management into one.

If you’re learning from somebody who isn’t a “thinker-doer”, stop learning from them and start learning from somebody who is.

One of the biggest mistakes I see consultant make is learning from one source that has a distorted point of view skewed towards “marketing” and “sales”. Marketers and salesmen don’t do big things, creators of value do.

Make it your goal to become a “thinker-doer” and master your craft!

Kurt E. Van Stuyvesant

Written by

American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist. Founder of Van & Stuyvesant Company which controls more than more than twenty e-commerce companies.

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