It’s good to look back

Every now and then someone asks you for a photo, or a file, and you have to delve into the archive and search for it.

Sometimes these ‘journeys’ into the unknown produce unexpectedly brilliant outcomes.

This week the big Frugi boss (In terms of stature within the company, not physically, of course — she’s my better half so maybe I should re-phrase..oh well ) has been digging out photos for a talk she’s been asked to give.

Here’s a picture of me, looking very sweaty, and Adam Gibbard on the day Frugi moved to Helston from our previous HQ on an Organic Farm, in 2010.

Looking at all the photos from that day, and the video we made it’s amazing to see how much Frugi has grown (And how much greyer my hair is!).

Here’s to searching out those old files, gathering dust on a hard drive somewhere.

Dig them out, show the team, have a laugh.

There’s gold in them there hard drives.