I am of Scottish heritage. I was born in America, but my roots go back to the Highlands of Scotland and Gaelic culture.

I’m also part Irish, which means a distant ancestor may have been a slave.

Britain sent Irish slaves to the Caribbean to work as “indentured servants” for British colonial rulers. The Irish were treated miserably.

“Whenever they rebelled or even disobeyed an order, they were punished in the harshest ways. Slave owners would hang their human property by their hands and set their hands or feet on fire as one form of punishment. …

It’s true. America has a systemic problem.

I’m not talking about racism. I am talking about social justice.

No, not the identity and group-centric justice demanded by the foundation and corporate funded so-called left.

I’m talking about social justice for a population subject to the abuse of a ruling financial elite.

Point is, there will never be true liberty and justice, not until the corporate crony state and its bankster owned Federal Reserve — now with a branch office in the US Treasury — is thrown out and the billionaire perpetrators of the massive economic fraud imposed on the American…

Establishment Republicans are on the war path. They are determined, in unison with “woke” Democrats, to get rid of Donald Trump come November. In 2019, a number of these Republicans formed the so-called “Lincoln Project,” an organized effort to trash Trump and throw support behind Joe Biden, thus once again demonstrating there is very little difference between establishment Republicans and Democrats.

On June 27, Darth Vader of the neocons, former vice president and war criminal Dick Cheney, joined the establishment “resistance” to the reelection of Trump.

The Lincoln Project says it will work to defeat Trump and restore the…

The kids squatting on the CHOP or CHAZ declared “autonomous zone” in Seattle have announced they are folding tents and going home. They also threw support behind Joe Biden, demonstrating they have the political understanding of a fence post.

Joe Biden is an establishment stalwart. He will be whatever the DNC and its wealthy controllers want him to be.

When the elite told Bill Clinton to kill Serbians, Joe was onboard. He argued in favor of the Iraq invasion that has thus far killed around 1.5 million people. The LGBT crowd should understand that Joe was an ardent supporter…

President Donald Trump will deliver his State of the Union address this evening.

I won’t be watching.

I’m not one of those silly Democrats who will “boycott” the address. I simply believe what the Donald has to say will be insignificant and more of the same.

According to the corporate stenographic media, Trump will talk about “raising” $1.7 trillion to spend on infrastructure.

You know what this means.

It means he will jack up the national debt even more than it is already.

It means your kids, and their kids, will be debt slaves, just like you and I are.

I’m not buying the explanation for the supposed false nuke attack alarm over the weekend in Hawaii.

We are expected to believe this was some sort of mistake. Somebody at the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency pushed the “wrong button” and this resulted in every mobile device on the island receiving an urgent message to “shelter in place,” as if hiding under the bed will save you from a nuclear blast.

Officialdom in Hawaii went into damage control mode after it was admitted the whole thing was a false alarm and “confirmed that to trigger the alert, there is a two-step…

Walmart is selling Antifa sweatshirts and the New Right is having a meltdown.

It apparently comes as a surprise to Breitbart and the New Right that a retail store would exploit a political movement to make a buck.

If the retail chain sold Breitbart and MAGA gear, they would be in the street celebrating.

But wait a minute, you might say, MAGA isn’t violent.

Depends on how you look at it. The MAGA president is killing civilians and committing war crimes in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan, but this doesn’t register on the New Right’s radar. …

Sen. Tom Cotton is a neocon who wants to militarily confront Iran.

Earlier today, the corporate media reported Rex Tillerson will probably get booted from the State Department and be replaced by Mike Pompeo, currently CIA director. Rumor has it Republican Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas will replace Pompeo at the CIA.

This news provides more evidence of the rapid neoconization of the Trump administration. Both Pompeo and Cotton are ardent anti-Iran fanatics.

Cotton is a student of Leo Strauss, the grandfather of the neocons. He hooked up with Bill Kristol, a top neocon who played matchmaker between Cotton and billionaire donors like Paul Singer and Sheldon Adelson. Singer founded a hedge…

It was Thomas Gray who said ignorance is bliss.

This is true now, more than ever.

Americans, generally speaking, are almost entirely ignorant when it comes to political reality.

Especially the true believers.

Eric Hoffer wrote a book about this. The True Believer: Thoughts On The Nature Of Mass Movements was published in 1951. He analyzed the motives of various types of personalities that give rise to mass movements. It doesn’t matter if they’re followers of Communism, Fascism, National Socialism, Christianity, Protestantism, or Islam.

Hoffer said mass movements promote faith over reason and serve as “fact-proof screens between the faithful…

Last week Twitter pulled verification badges from folks it claims espouse far right ideology on its social media platform.

Targets include Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler.

It was easy to explain Spencer’s ban. He can be accurately described as a white nationalist. He rejects this classification and calls himself an Identitarian, which is basically the same thing.

Jason Kessler is also described as a white nationalist, although he previously supported Occupy Wall Street and voted for Obama.

Laura Loomer and James Allsup also lost their verification status, which is given to high traffic Twitter accounts.

Loomer is not a white…

Kurt Nimmo

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