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An introduction to HTML 5 canvas animations

Out of all the great things HTML 5 brought us, I love the canvas element the most. I hope that once you see how powerful it is, you’ll want to put in the time to master canvas animations yourself.

What is a canvas?

A canvas is exactly what its name implies. It is a blank canvas that you can paint as you wish and then render in your browser as an image. The real beauty is that it not only allows you to create images, but also to continuously redraw & render them — hence creating an animation.

The power of canvas is limited only by your imagination. I’ve used the canvas element to create everything from static images on-the-fly to games, graphical user interfaces. and even a MailChimp-style email builder. You can even render the canvas in 3D! …

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Bugs are inevitable.

It is quite normal to spend more time debugging than you spend writing actual code. If you are learning to program and you absolutely hate debugging your own code, stop now.

Find a new hobby or trade that you enjoy. Otherwise, you will soon discover the true definition of insanity: debugging another programmer’s legacy code, wondering what on earth they were thinking.

Alternatively, you could simply change your mindset and stop hating bugs.

Here are some of the reasons why I enjoy debugging…

  1. It’s a challenge. To me, a bug is a puzzle to solve. …

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JavaScript frameworks are all the rage. Chances are that any JavaScript related news feed you open will be littered with references to tools like ReactJS, AngularJS, Meteor, RiotJS, BackboneJS, jQuery, and beyond.

Anyone learning to code (and even experienced developers) will feel an enormous pressure to learn these new tools. Hype creates demand. If you’re not up to date with what’s in demand, it can feel like your services are not in demand.

I’ve noticed a trend where people are diving headfirst into learning these tools without actually knowing what they do, let alone how they do it. This ultimately makes debugging and conceptualizing the said tool exceptionally hard. There are thousands of cases of misuse where entire projects are being created simply for two way data binding, or for an animation effect, or even just to display an image slider. …

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So you just learnt to code. You’re eager and anyone who can’t code thinks you’re a genius, word gets out and all of a sudden every guy you meet wants you to build him a website. Most of them want a freebie but some guys are willing to pay. Nicely.

This article tells you how to keep his money, your reputation and your sanity when you take the job.

What I am about to tell you is no well kept secret. There is no silver bullet to making money as a Web Developer. The advice I am about to give you seems basic and it is, most of it is pure common sense but it is absolutely essential to any one starting out in the world of selling websites (or coding them) for money. …

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Learning to program is challenging. Aside from choosing a language or setting up a development environment that you know nothing about, there are thousands of articles and tutorials out there that quite simply will make you feel dumb, demotivate you or make you think that everything you have learnt so far was a waste of time and that you’ve been doing everything wrong.

I’ve been there, so I thought I’d put together a short list of things you should keep in mind when learning to program to stop you from thinking that you are mentally challenged, or from making people feel mentally challenged when reading your tutorials. …

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I’ve wanted to start blogging about programming for months now and like so many others before me I set off full of enthusiasm and buzzing with energy and anticipation for the wonderful words I would write to the world.

So I got a domain, grabbed the latest copy of WordPress, installed it and spent a few days playing with CSS until I felt the style portrayed an accurate representation of “me”.

Finally I was ready and there I sat with nothing between me and the world but a blank canvas with a flashing cursor. …



I learnt to program using tutorials on the internet, so to pay tribute I write about programming on the internet.

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