Kurt Svendheim and New Nordic Group in Action

Kurt Svendheim at new Africa land bank development

Kurt Svendheim of New Nordic Group says the land bank development project offers fantastic potential to investors. Absolutely prime land and capable boots on the ground!

New Nordic employees excited about 2019 acquisitions, with Kurt Svendheim

With new developments coming together in Asia, South America, and Africa our business development team has been expanding. Team members work directly with Kurt Svendheim in every stage of operations — from site selection through the final staging for guests!

Kurt Svendheim in Pattaya

“New Nordic Group has exposed me to an unforgettable wealth of natural beauty around the world, and equally unforgettable people” — Kurt Svendheim

Kurt Svendheim with monk in Thailand

It is a privilege to encounter such enrichment from the local population of the many places where Kurt Svendheim’s New Nordic Group has a presence.

River life in Africa!

Imagine spending a long leisurely holiday here, away from the crowds of tourists. Contact Kurt Svendheim of New Nordic Group for more information on this amazing opportunity.