Design Interviewing: Ask Me Anything

  1. Recruiter screen. Our design recruiting team will do the first screening call (super casual).
  2. First portfolio interview. It’s a 1:1 with one of our designers where you review past work together.
  3. Full onsite interview. ~5 hours meeting with the team.
  • What does a healthy relationship between a PM and designer look like? How do you think about roles & responsibilities.
  • Tell me about the best PM you’ve worked with. What about the worst?
  • Tell me about a time you disagreed with a PM. How do you resolve conflicts together?
  1. Your portfolio speaks louder than an arbitrary requirement of experience length. Try your best to build a strong body of work, and the rest should follow.
  2. Don’t screen yourself out! Apply for positions even if you don’t hit every checkbox.
  • What are some challenges the team is facing? How can I help in this role?
  • What are common attributes of successful designers on your team?
  • What are your top expectations of me in this role?
  • Any feedback for my portfolio presentation — what went well, what could have gone better?




Design Director at Dropbox. Advisor for startups. Rooting for the underdog.

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