ROLI Blocks Fail

I went to the Apple Store tonight and always felt curious what ROLI Blocks was about. I finally decided to buy it, and download the accompanying application NOISE.


This is some of the worst crap I’ve ever bought in the Apple Store and I’m wondering how these guys stay in business? I also wonder how Apple can continue to sell such a piece of junk?

If you’ve used this product it would be great to hear your feedback on how you might have gotten it working or at least share in your frustration what a pile this app / hardware is. Down below I document the many problems I’ve had with it in just one sitting.

You may have seen it in the Apple Store, here is a picture.

Trying to get connect via bluetooth failed on both my iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus, both fail, always telling me I’m offline. Seriously worst bluetooth connection experience in my life.

Always telling me I have a firmware update….

Actually try to update firmware and it fails…

Checks for updates a bazillion times….

Tells me my device needs to connect although I’ve connected it multiple times….

Constantly trying to update the firmware and fails pretty much every time on iPhone 7. Worked ok after a few tries on iPhone 6.

More failures with firmware upgrades.

Every time I try to connect Blocks to the app it says it failed… so sad…

More failures…

On top of that the app is very slow and glitchy, like maybe it was made in a third country where the programmers don’t have food to eat, or water to drink.

Also, look at how terrible the app ratings are for NOISE, the app that actually makes Blocks work. I read them in the Apple Store but couldn’t believe the reviews, I needed to try for myself. They were all basically right.

I think this is terrible because there are so many artists that seem behind this, like Steve Aoki. Check this out. Just makes me think it’s sort of a scam or maybe these artists don’t even care and are willing to attach their name to something without even trying it. Well, at least with me, they lose a ton of points.

Please share your frustration with this app in the comments, I will approve all of them, maybe the people at Roli will actually listen and fix it?

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