YCombinator Fellowship Fake Acceptance Letter

22 days ago we turned in a application to YCombinator Fellowship for our startup www.topchart.io. As you can imagine, we were pretty excited and optimistic.

Today, I got an acceptance letter, saying they would call me to set up a meeting. I was laughing. I called everybody to tell them. My friends, family, investors.

An hour later I got a rejection letter, after I broke up with my girlfriend, told my landlord to fuck off (just kidding, but that would’ve been funny), I received a rejection letter from YC. Then I realized the email was fake.

Whoever this guy/girl is that sent this out probably scraped them from somewhere, since YC assured me they weren’t hacked. Either way it’s pretty fucked up, although I admit it’s kinda funny too.

If you feel really bad for us, come use our site and help us keep pretending we got in.


TopChart Team

Here is the letter :(