AI-Generated Content on Medium: Reason for Alert?

Caner Kuru
2 min readJul 4, 2023

Dear All,

I must confess, since ChatGPT became a part of our lives, it has greatly influenced my daily activities. I frequently use it to correct my grammatical errors, to build me a weeks long workout program and etc. However, lately, I have been discovering an increasing number of blog posts that seem to be entirely or majorly AI-generated.

Recently, I came cross a blog on Medium while seeking an library to manage shadow effects on mobile applications. I exactly followed the outlined steps, only to discover that the functions he had referenced did not exist. There have been instances where ChatGPT has suggested me functions or properties of libraries that were either deprecated (not being maintained by the developer anymore) or non-existent at all.

Just last night, I was reading a blog post about React Native best practices, where the author recommended the use of ‘const’ and ‘let’ as a best practice specifically for React Native, when these are general JavaScript practices or advised to “Always use functional components.” while functional components are indeed a popular choice in React development due to the introduction of hooks.

For the past four years, Medium has been my go-to platform for high-quality content, and I sincerely hope it continues to uphold this standard.

Certainly, we do have a few potential solutions to prevent made-up or below average content on this platform. Could we consider implementing a new reporting system? Maybe we could employ category-specific moderators? Or possibly even introduce a form of author verification, something akin to Twitter’s blue checkmark system?

I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts on this matter. Do you consider this as an issue at all?



Caner Kuru

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