My Journey From 0 to 1

Caner Kuru
4 min readNov 16, 2021

It has been four months, and I’m finally only three days away from graduating from Flatiron Bootcamp School. The whole journey was very difficult as well as satisfying. We had 5 phases during school, and we had to finish five different projects at the end of each phase. There is an extra baby project that we were requested to build for Phase 0, which was a pre-school period. Here we go! I’ll try my best to show my whole journey/improvement since day 1.

Exploring Istanbul

I was born and raised in Turkey, and I wanted my first project to be about my hometown. It’s an elementary single web page, but this is the project when I learned how vital building structure is.

  • HTML based
  • 69 files
  • 589 line of code
  • 212.4 MB
  • 2–3 days

Cackle Card

My project partner and I finished this app at the end of Phase 1. I’ve learned so much about functions and fetching data in JS. It was challenging but entertaining at the same time.

  • HTML based and Vanilla JS
  • 18 files
  • 842 line of code
  • First time used JS in an APP
  • First time used SCSS
  • 22.9 MB
  • 5–6 days


This was my solo project at the end of Phase 2. React got into my life at this point. It is a fantastic framework or library. Whichever you want to call it. :) IMDB and Madflix inspired me for this project. I’ve wanted to have a movie website since I was very little and I finally achieved my dream.

  • React JS
  • 39.946 files
  • 981 line of code
  • First time created config file
  • First time used styled components
  • 277 MB
  • 5–6 days

Chat Iron

I’ll never forget this project. London and I wanted to create something unique and fun. When I told her about creating a chat app, we both were so excited. We knew it would be challenging, but it was so much worse than what we were expecting. We didn’t have rails resources; therefore, we had to code authorization and authentication from scratches. We had nightmares and sleepless nights. We forgot to eat! No exaggeration at all! But we made it 5 minutes before the presentation.

  • Ruby back-end, React front-end
  • 49.066 files
  • 1345 line of code
  • First time created authentication and authorization
  • First time used localStorage
  • 399.7 MB
  • 6–7 days


Chat Iron, Beeper, and following and my final project are different despite one forerunner of the other. Twitter inspired me for this project, and my project partner and I did an excellent job in 5 days.

  • Ruby on Rails back-end, React front-end
  • 47.928 files
  • 1963 line of code
  • First time deployed on Heroku
  • First time persisted data online
  • 407.8MB
  • 5 days


Phase 5 — Graduation Project. I’ve combined everything, and I learned since day one, and I learned so many new things in this project like AWS and devise gem. Instagram inspired me for this project.

  • Ruby on Rails back-end, React front-end
  • 46.798 files
  • 1856 line of code
  • First time created Amazon Web Services (S3) to store data
  • First time used device for login system
  • 334 MB
  • 16 days

I know that coding is just a drop in the ocean, but I’ll keep learning and practicing. It was a long journey, and more journeys are waiting for me on the way.

If this blog helps at least one person at some point, then my goal will be accomplished. Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask me questions. I wish everyone my besties! Stay with codes :=>



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