referral program

You can partake in the referral program and get 5% of the funds raised.

Petr Matyukov
Oct 5, 2017 · 2 min read

How it works

Register on and receive a referral link that leads to our landing page. This link is generated specifically for your account.

IMPORTANT! You must fill in the address of your Ethereum-wallet before using the link. If you do not specify it, the bonuses will not be paid out.

Next, you distribute the link on forums, social networks and any websites. For example, you can do posts on forums with this link, or post banners on your blog.

If a referred user goes to and registers, we determine that that person has come by your recommendation. When he transfers Ethereum to our address of the smart contract, you will get 5% of the transaction to the e-wallet that you specified during registration.

If you need media content, such as banners, contact to us at indicating the referral program in the subject.

Step-by-step guide

Register here:

Enter your ETH-wallet and get a referral link. Below you can see how many users have already registered using your link.

Petr Matyukov

Written by

Co-founder KIRIK PROTOCOL , Head of innovations at Fintech Blockchain AI Machine Learning chatbots USSD. Crypto enthusiast. Chess master. Poetry.

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