So hey there! This is my first time here and honestly, i’m nervous because i don’t know exactly what to say or how things work around here (kkk) so pretty much i’ll just go with the flow and discover it along the way.

This picture makes me so emotional mainly because it shows the twice members (top, from l-r: jihyo, chaeng, nayeon, mina, sana, momo, and dahyun. bottom, l-r: jeongyeon, tzuyu) posing for the camera and upon looking at it, it seems like a normal picture of 9 beautiful girls, but it’s more than just that. It’s the picture of success, of all the hardwork and trainings after several years that finally, paid off. It’s a photo where 9 girls who have the same dream of becoming an idol have finally debuted and are receiving love from fans. (known as “onces”.. I, myself, am a once ㅋㅋㅋ) It’s not much to say that these girls are now living the dream. 우리 트와이스, 파이팅~ ❤