Book Review — Super Accelerated Living How to manifest an epic life by Bentinho Massaro

The reason why I want to dedicate this month’s blog to this book, to this topic and to Bentinho Massaro is because nothing is more important.

What I hold in my hands right now as I read, are poignant words grabbing my attention and reminding me of a powerful knowing that I feel I have always known all my life. This book is an eye opener, every word I read bridges the gap to a complete understanding of what we are doing, who we are and how it is so that we are creating our own reality.

In the first part of the book, Bentinho, exclusively highlights what we are already doing as consciousness focused in this physical time-space reality. He slows down the movie reel to such a degree making it possible to pin point every specific detail of what it is that is happening when we focus on something and how we are pasting our preference, most of the time, unconsciously, onto circumstances and events.

He then continues to explain how we can consciously choose what to feel, and how to paste that feeling-frequency onto reality. Laser-like focus on only what you want to feel, what you want to transmit, what you want to experience within. Life is all about what you are experiencing. Bentinho explains that our perception of experiences need not be in a form of I am here receiving something from over there, that we are never actually receiving anything, instead we are creating, forever and ever, eternally creating.

The first chapter gave me such an enormous sense of relief, I can’t describe it fully; it immediately ended the battle, the fight, the resistance within as if I had just received a message stating that I didn’t need to figure out anything anymore. I don’t even need to try and understand what it is that I have been doing wrong, what have I been missing or misunderstanding or misperceiving. All those nagging thoughts stopped abruptly in the back of my mind because they made no more sense to me even contemplating them any further.

As I continued to read, the sense of power and a feeling, almost translating to “I can do this, I have been doing this, but now I can do this deliberately, damn right I can!”, emerged. Powerful and empowering all at the same time. Bentinho then shares a meditation at the end of the first chapter that really wraps it up in a way that the body can really sync with what has just been realised and absorbed. One chapter, a string of powerful words transmitting an intense sense of empowerment, complete with a detailed description of how it is that we create experiences in this, so called, physical reality.

The next chapter goes on to explain “How to use Parallel Realities”. This is the beauty about this book. If you need to be convinced about the actual existence of Parallel Realities, well then, you are not ready for this book. This book is talking directly to those that are ready; no more bullshit, no arguing with what is right and wrong, no more wasting time discussing this or that. It’s is designed for those that have already gone through the ups and downs, the long winding agonising road of seeking spiritual enlightenment. This book holds a key to the juicy, satisfying feelings of actually acknowledging and knowing what it feels like to BE the creator of reality. This book is for those who want to practice a “Super Accelerated Life”, right now!

By discovering how to use Parallel Realities you can truly experience the nature of reality from this new perspective. Just by reading the words you can sense this is what you have been doing all along. Bentinho highlights what we have taken forgranted unconsciously. This is what makes this book unique in every way. It places words and specific details to what has been considered unfathomable so far.

Bentinho explains what it truly feels like to actually care, I mean really care about YOUR life. He goes on to highlight how it is that we have been asking “other people” to create for us. By the end of this chapter you will have a clear awareness of how it is that we have been allowing others to create for us. Bentinho goes on to explain that there is a recipe for happiness and shares it in this chapter. Happiness implies that you are conscious of what you are doing, you are conscious in the choices you make and in the image you hold of yourself, those around you and the world you believe you live in.

If you really care about how you feel, Bentinho shares fundamental information on how to practice making choices consciously and this is when I started to really get excited. This is the part where you can actually get your hands in the clay and play around with reality, try it out, experiment with it on a conscious level. The more you do it, the more results you get and the more results you get the more confident you feel and the more confident you feel the more you master it … are you getting the sense of this? Bentinho goes on to explain that it will eventually feel like breathing to you, creating your own reality consciously will feel easy and natural. It’s time for you to “believe and know you are an infinite creator with infinite potential”.

You are consciousness with a state of being — and that’s it!”- Bentinho Massaro

As I continued to read I realised that I felt lighter and clearer, the best way to describe this feeling is as if I had de-cluttered my mind with unnecessary thoughts of habit and now I feel 100% committed on focusing only on the clarity that Bentinho is transmitting through these pages. What makes it even more inviting is the fact that he shares a few very straight forward ways of practising creating your reality from this true perception.

This is the first book that really allows you to rest from the consistent urge to search, that explains simply and clearly what it is that we focus on to create the reality we are experiencing now. It really makes you want to cut the crap out and really get on with it, the way it was meant to be. You just cannot deny this information and you will be left with an incredible desire to try it out, to practice and to experience these new feelings of infinite possibilities.

Chapter two closes with some extraordinary Q&A and Bentinho answers with such specifics to the degree that you can actually feel the answers.

If you do not feel excited by the end of this book,

you simply haven’t understood it”

- Raffaella Russignaga

The most exciting and significant chapter of the whole book for me is when he describes “10 different ways to live as a powerful creator”.

This is when I made the ultimate commitment that I was 100% all in. I thought I already had, but I realise now that there is an even more precise feeling of being 100% all in. To be all in means that you leave behind everything you have ever believed reality to be, you disregard altogether the concept of the nature of reality that had been engraved in you since kindergarten. You only focus on the way your desires make you feel. Your object of attention becomes your feeling state, your vibrational state. It’s not the things but what the things represent a feeling you are craving to feel. Being 100% in, is the promise that you will always allow yourself to feel the feeling you desire, no matter what! End of story.

This book is the catalyst that we have all been waiting for, it catapults you to own your responsibility as a creator, tells you, flat out that you are the generator of all your experiences and from this level of awareness you are on a roll.

I highly recommend you read this book for yourself, over and over again. This is a book you will read more than once on several different occasions, so buy a copy and keep it handy.

Click on the link below, it is now available on Amazon, order a copy, order more copies, give them as presents to all your friends and family. It is the perfect gift because you are offering them insights into allowing them to see for themselves how to actually create their preferred reality from the feeling of alignment.

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