Emotional Goal


I like using this expression #emotionalgoal because it gives me an opportunity to focus on one thing only. The idea of focusing on a feeling used to confuse me a bit because I was always convinced that I needed to focus on a goal that looked more like a situation, circumstance or an event, but little did I know that I was focusing on these things with the subconscious desire to allow myself to feel a particular emotion. My goal to have my own business was because I wanted to feel free to make decisions on my own, I wanted to experience the feeling of freedom, a feeling of empowerment and the feeling of abundance and therefore my goal was to reach a certain level within society that I believed would allow me to feel just that.

Now I realise I really don’t need to take the long, winding route. If it’s the feeling I want, I can feel it right now. What do I want and why do I want it? Was an important question for me to ponder. I want what I want because I want the feeling I believe it will give me. So now, instead of focusing on goals, I now focus on emotional goals. What is the feeling I am reaching for? I write down that emotion and then allow my consciousness, through intuition, imagination, memories and meditation to actually feel the feeling I desire. Understanding, now that my reality is simply a reflection of my actual state of being, my main goal is to focus on my State of Being. How I feel has become my main priority in every moment.

After reading “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” and “You are the Placebo” by Dr. Joe Dispenza I realised what was actually happening within our bodies when we do jump start a new desire, a feeling within us. Neurons start to fire and wire together and start to produce chemicals that imitate the actual feeling we have in our mind so the body can physically feel the substance of that desire without needing circumstances to be in place. I can actually feel a feeling that I have never felt before simply by focusing in a meditative state. Reading these two books helped me figure out how to actually use my mind to create a desired feeling. (for more details on how to accomplish this state of being I highly recommend reading these books).

I am still astonished about the amazing abilities the human being has and every day I am in awe of what I am able to accomplish by simply making a decision on a preferred state of being I now desire. I appreciate the information this space, time reality based on duality has to offer me by allowing me to experience contrast and inviting me to feel my preference.

Living a contrast, making a decision, focusing and feeling is a beautiful dance of energy I thoroughly enjoy dancing to every day. Life is really good and it keeps getting better. This I wish for you too.

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