When Bosses Go Away…

Months of interfacing, multitasking, and lateral leading. All boiling down to this. One moment of uninterrupted freedom in the workspace.

It was a double-edged sword no doubt. BIG chance I’d rest on my laurels and screw up any chance of having an impactful few days of unrestricted marketing madness. But no. Time to buckle the fuck up.

Accountability is a misunderstood concept. It’s not driven solely by fear, nor respect, nor passion. It is, in fact, established through a balanced mix of all three.

Just like constantly ‘spoon-feeding’ a child ruins any hope of potential independence later on, offering complete and utter freedom destroys a person’s ability to work behind a process or follow any direction whatsoever.

It’s similar to the hard work vs smart work debate. At the end of the day, you kinda need to do both.

So next time your boss goes on vacation, focus less on playing pictionary on the white board or bumper cars with your chair, and more on doing his job better than him, so that when he’s back, he might have to find a new seat! ;)