The 30 Day Challenge

Today 5 of us embark on a journey of self improvement, an early New Year's resolution. We finally part ways with gluttony, laziness, social media whoring, and for some of us, addictive, spontaneous mastubation ( *cough* Manny *cough*).

The Rules

Rigid Adherence — Rain or shine, snow or sleet, you gotta do what you gotta do. There are no breaks from the challenge. (With 3 exceptions)

Check Ins — Accountability is put to the test. You must log all portions of your challenge. At the end of the challenge, a lie detector test will be administered.

Spirit of the Challenge — In all challenges there are bound to be loopholes, or ways to circumvent the challenge. Therefore, something known as Spirit of the Challenge will be implemented. Any sort of loophole must be within the spirit of the rule (i.e Friend brings me food, Salad is OK, Pizza is not).

Failure — Results in the loss of a 100$ divided equally between the other 4 members.

The Challenge

Kushal — 5 AM. Everyday. No Stops. Running 20 mins or 2 miles, minimum. No eating out. Good Morning Text Required. Running Video Required.

Lucas — 4 AM. Everyday. No Social Media (Instagram, Twitter, FB, Snapchat, etc.). FB Messenger, Calls & Texting is allowed. Good Morning Text required.

Manny —7AM meditation. Gym 3X a week. No masturbating. Pictures at Gym required. Daily Vlog required. Good Morning Text Required.

Matt — Gym 3X a week. 1500 calories daily. 7AM wakeup Schedule. Good Morning Text, and pictures at the gym are required. MyFitnessPal log required.

Bryan — Workout Routine X7, increasing over time**. 20 pushups, 20 pullups, 20 ass-to-grass squats to start. Must eat well daily. Daily workout montage required. MyFitnessPal log required.

Duration of Challenge

The challenge is from Dec 7th — Jan 7th

Exceptions extend deadline by 1 day, up to 3 times. (Latest possible deadline is Jan 10th)

Abstaining challenges cannot be extended (i.e Eating out, Social media).

And so it begins…