Honourable, Law professor (Immigration Constitutional laws of South Asia. This is Yam Tiwari,who is present residing in 18 concord Garden Apt 03 would like to lay down the following lines under your kind consideration and humble submission action please. My brother Mr Bom Bahadur Tiwari was arrested in between the boarder line of two countries Bhutan and India,through the main Gate of Gelephu Bhutan,and Assam Boarder of India,and the Gelephu Bhutan.My Brother Mr Bom Bahadur Tiwari has been in the Prisons of Bhutan.On the year of 1992 at the month of july second week.our brother Mr Bom Bahadur Tiwari has been missing in the Prisons of southern Bhutan.Bom Bahadur Tiwari,who himself was the Ex-Army of Bhutan.He worked for the welfare of the nation for eight years as a national worker or Royal Bhutan Army.He was in the prison before the years of 1987 and 1988.Due to the reasons of his Court Married issues with his first wife.He had two wife,He had married two wife due to the Complusion of his first wife,due to the misunderstanding with his first wife.As National worker,he had married two wife,first wife was from Bhutan and second one was from India,or Bhutan.But,Government of Bhutan had thought him that he married with out door country.then he was terminated from his national jobs.He was living in the Gelephu with his second wife.But,again he was arrested from the Gelephu and taken him to the Thimphu for two years Prison,because he had cases that claimed his own first wife ,whom he married with her as a national court married.He was arrested from Gelephu and taken to Thimphu for two years,on the years of 1987 to 1988.then our mother had applied several application to the King of Bhutan.The fourth king Jigme Singya Wangchuk had given him Khaso to released him from the Prison.with in the one year and two months something,he was in prison and released from the prison,because he got the Khaso from the fourth king Jigme Singya Wangchuk.At,the end of the 1989,he was released from the Prison of Bhutan,because,he got Khasho from the fourth king of Bhutan.Because,there was the responsibilities on his head,that,as a first son of the families ‘s responsibilities had gone to the head of first son.due to the reasons of sick father in the family.He was the a grown up Son from the family.So,when he got the Khasho from the Fourth King Of BHUTAN.Our missing brother who has been missing in the Prisons of Bhutan,was started living in the Gelephu ,and living in the village Thewar,Dana Bari Block,Sarpang District.When our brother ,who was released from the Prison and taken for the village to looked the responsibilities of the families.When he was living in the villages,with his family,by helping in the farms to his families.when he was living in the village,unfortunately,there were some people who arrested our from his sleeping bed and abducted him from his sleeping bed at the mid- night.when they abducted from the home and taken him out side from the country.On the year of 1990.there was the simple human rights and the democracy for the whole welfare of the nation and the people of the southern country.On the year of 1991,Our father Nar Bahadur Tiwari was Arrested and kept for prison for six months.On the year of 1992,we were expelled from the our home land country.On the same this year,our brother mr Bom Bahadur Tiwari was arrested and still hiding inside the prison of Bhutan.On the years of 1992 our brother Mr Bom Bahadur Tiwari was arrested and taken to the prison of Bhutan.So,where is Human Rights and People in the life of present Bhutanese people in searched of a the prisoners and the prisons of southern parts of Bhutan.So,why our Bom Bahadur Tiwari was arrested and hiding in the parts of the different country.So,where is Bom Bahadur Tiwari who had done mistakes and taken still hiden in the prison of Bhutan .So,where is Bom Bahadur Tiwari in which prisons of Bhutan.If there Bom Bahadur Tiwari in the Prison of Bhutan.we the families requested to you that,please try to understand. So,please help me to search my brother Mr Bom Bahadur Tiwari Prison of Bhutan.so where is Bom Bahadur Tiwari in the Prison of Bhutan???where are agencies and worked for the Prisoner and Bhutan??we need our freedom and the freedom of Bhutan.So,where is our brother .please try to search our brother in the prison of bhutan.he was was not the political leaderof BHUTAN..HE WAS Former ex army of BHUTAN.Why they arrested and hidden in the Bhutan.if our brother who is missing in the prisons of Bhutanwhere is our brother and which jail he is now?So,we the all the Tiwari family want to find out our brother Mr Bom Bahadur Tiwari in the Prison of Bhutan.if our brother is alive or dead?we need his informations very soon.Thank you….Kushal Tiwari .or Yam Tiwari is same name.thank you.

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