The Virtual World — Ironically getting real?

So this is quite a fact that in this world, whatever you see in the social media going on, it is ironically what we feel in the reality. The virtual world, it is trying to become a real life, it’s trying to be in the realities, slowly and slowly becoming the virtual part of our life. I feel that major reason for this is the addiction that we got with the “entertainment” keyword in this life, some few years ago it was more about how you go outside of this virtual world and you try to explore yourself and the surroundings as well. When you see a plant, you would love to water it, you would love exploring the things around yourself, you would love to see the children playing out there but now only scenes are them trying to compete with each other even if they are playing, even if they are playing they will try to abuse each other! About everything that they do the things have become so weird that whatever you listen even in this world is filled with negativity and jealousy and most of all it’s one thing called professional jealousy, because you see in this social world is a lot of show off!

This is a TedX talk, which I loved the way it answered all the myths about the virtuality! A must watch…

This professional jealousy has so much affected us, that whenever someone tries to show something in this social world, you’ll always try to feel jealous about it! To this extent, that you end up feeling low, you end up losing the confidence. So the most of the times, when you see a post coming up, having too many tags, too many comments, instead of being fine about it, you are going to get affected to the extent you would have never thought!

This is such an impressing the social websites have had on us! While Facebook having, more than a couple billion users, WhatsApp, Youtube, Instragram, and many more platforms being emerging continuously…It’s very clear that these emerging platforms, if proven wrong, will affect mass public! Not just me, you, or a few individuals. Surely, the companies will always rather be thinking of the profit of themselves, and not about the persons out there! It’s our responsibility, to take this sportingly and may be…take the decision which might very well be needed!