HCDE 210: Prototyping

This was the final sprint for HCDE 210, covering Device Prototyping. We used the littleBits kit for making our prototypes.

Exploring littleBits

It was a nice experience working with littleBits because I had never done prototyping before. It was also a lot of fun because littleBits used magnets instead of wires, which made it much easier and faster to get things done. We first understood what each and every part does by looking at the manual given inside the kit. This helped a lot in making our prototype later because we knew about all the parts and we could make whatever we wanted with those parts. After creating our prototype, we figured that some of the parts needed more explanation about their functioning because the manual did not explain enough. If we had been told about some of the more unconventional parts, or parts that had vague explanations and parts that people were not very likely to use and understand, I feel that we could have done a better job.

Understanding different components of littleBits

My Experience

I really enjoyed working with littleBits and it was a great experience working with something totally new. Understanding small parts of the littleBits kit and making something totally new out of it which could actually be used by people was really interesting. We were a bit proud of ourselves because we were able to use most of the parts provided, since we needed some feature that was captured by one of the parts. It was nice to deal with a different user group, i.e. children learning how to cook, thinking about what these users might need and how we can make something that could help them. I felt that our prototype was pretty good, even though the actual prototype did not work as we wanted it to. Overall, I think it was a really interesting experience working with littleBits and on this sprint.

Making the prototype