Government of Karnataka bulldozing hearts in Valentine Month

This love story roams around people who are trying to find cost effective means for their daily inevitable journey to earn a decent livelihood for themselves. Loads of taxes levied on individuals were not taxing enough, so now government is not sparing any efforts to tax your much needed journey.

When it comes to implementation of a change, no one else can do better illogical and thoughtless implementation that too by a bunch of individuals who would not have gone on roads and experienced it first hand.

Yeah Government of Karnataka is imposing ban over the Share Rides provided by OLA and UBER. If you are living in Bengaluru or ever live in here then you surely be aware about the worst Public Transport in any Metropolitan city.

So here comes the people’s love for Share Rides.

In Bengaluru, people have 4 options for Transport:

Own Vehicle (which is not recommended in this traffic)

Public Transport provided by government (which no one will recommend)

Auto wallah (want Fair Fare? then go somewhere)

and yes Finally Cab providers like Ola, Uber (yeah the driver is earning more than an IT employee, so what?)

So lets start with Public Transport i.e. BMTC BUS

Bus Service is inaptly distributed in the city. May be you will get 10 buses for same route at same time or you will not get any bus for an hour. No efforts put to survey and make the facilities better and relevant.

Newton committed suicide when Law of Inertia failed inside BMTC Bus(Thanks to the excessive crowd).

Auto wallah (they are same all over the country)

Auto wallah will give you some shitty reason not to go to some place like too much traffic on that route. If you care that much about the traffic buy a plane or ship and go away.

Don’t want to go for Short Distance (apply in Railways and enjoy long routes).

Minimum fare is not available in their dictionary.

“Respect to the customer” lol.. What is this? They are alien to the concept of customer satisfaction.

Private Cabs

Ola and Uber. Do i need to explain about these Cab providers? We agree with the fact that they were out of reach for lower middle class in past. But after Ola Share and Uber Pool service, now it is the most recommended way of transport and best part is they don’t care about the distance of journey. It is easy to go on your pocket and health.

How Health?

You never have to bargain for fare (less tension = normal blood pressure). We can’t take the responsibility of High Blood Pressure due to your wife and girlfriend (yes, wife and girlfriend not wife or girlfriend, Lol).

You travel in a fully packed vehicle from starting point to end point of your travel which saves you from Air Pollution, Rain, Heat Stroke.

You might be thinking, Why this Kolaveri towards Ola Share and Uber Pool?

Here is the answer

According to the Karnataka Transport Department, the ride-hailing firms have contract carriage permits, which do not allow them to pick up and drop passengers during the course of a trip. Such a permit only allows for point-to-point pick-ups and drops.

So, this is an ancient Government rule which they are following and imposing a ban. But, the thing is Rules & Regulations are formed and implemented for the benefit of Public. If any old rule is creating problem to the public then the government should alter that.

According to Karnataka Motor Vehicle Rules of 1989, there was no provision for services that compete with state-run city buses.

But now is the time to change 27 year old act. That was designed as per the conditions of that time. Now time has changed. Government needs to maintain the Demand and Supply chain.

A Developed Country Is One in Which Rich People Use Public Transport.

Till you are not able to provide better Public Transport, let OLA and UBER provide.

WONDERLA is a myth.. BMTC is an Emotion

If you hate smelling other’s armpit and hairs in the over crowded BMTC bus then please sign the petition by clicking on both Ola Share and Uber Pool .

PS: May be some people were looking for Metro. So here it is, Metro is not a mode of transport in Bengaluru. You can call it as a mode of transport in one locality.