Panel Report — Applications 2

Jake Fleisher is a UX designer at Blink. His journey to reach this position is very interesting, as he majored in German while at university before working at Microsoft and freelancing. Jake uses “board visualisations”, which allow him to organise his user input to finally focus on one idea. One aspect that stood out to me was the hands-free kitchen faucet. His thought process while coming up with an effective design fascinated me, using user input as an important factor. Jake said that it’s important to design technology that conforms user’s needs rather than the other way around. This idea provided me with an important insight for the remainder of this course as well as, in the long run, my career.

Katie Derthick is a PhD student in the UW HCDE graduate program, and she primarily talked about her experience teaching and her dissertation study. Her ideology centred around the idea of looking at things from the user’s perspective. She even encouraged us to take sociology and anthropology classes to be able to understand the user better. One interesting aspect of her project that stood out was her choice of method for the ideation stage. She showed us a picture of her apartment in which an entire side of her wall was covered completely with sticky notes concerning her thesis. Katie inspired me to keep an open mind, as this will enable to look at a situation from different perspectives.

This session forced me to reflect on my own sprints and areas in which I could improve them. For the ideation design sprint, I should have used user input to modify my designs. By doing this, I would have learnt the pros and cons of my designs. For the user research sprint, I should have kept an open mind during the project. As I mentioned in the reflection of that sprint, I let my bias affect my design decisions. Keeping an open mind would have allowed me to analyse the situation better and make better decisions.

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