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On the day of “world mental health day 10th October 2020” I decided to post the article regarding “Meditation”.

I always emphasize being aware of physical as well as mental health.

I do mention in my articles that a person who ignores the importance of mental health suffers the most in life.

Hence, If we follow simple practices to ensure good quality of life by being mentally healthy we just need to proceed with a simple baby step to get started with and that step is none other than “Meditation”. …

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If interested kindly go through this article on my blog by using this link…

In this busy routines, we often miss something precious, something important in our life…

This article is all about my honest efforts to make you realize that MISSED PRECIOUS THING in your life…

It is none other than, “SELF-LOVE”.

Nobody cares about this precious gift that we could gift to us.

It is free yet like a true treasure :)

I always say It is better late than never.

Even if you are late on this journey Don’t worry…

You can just get in at any station…

Ultimately you will reach the final destination…

Final Destination of “SELF-LOVE”.


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Tejal Kutarekar

Follow my Blog here, My motto is to help as many people as I can through my writing…If you like my work Do join me on my Blog :)

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