Baby Teething Chart for each Baby Tooth

The teething experience is different for each individual baby that is born, but a baby teeth order chart is one way of estimating tooth order and age of eruption. Babies usually start teething around 6 months of age, but can start at 3 months of age, and all the way up to 12 months. Having a baby teething chart to visually see the order that the teeth will come is a handy tool to have because it lets you know your infant better and what they will experience.

Baby teeth actually are completely formed when babies come into this world, however they are hiding inside the infant’s jawbones till they are ready to sprout. Each set of teeth will have their own time period in which they will sprout as seen below with the baby teething order chart. Toddlers will have all their primary teeth set in at around 3 years of age.

Baby Teeth Order Chart Image

What Comes Next After the Baby Teething Chart

The primary teeth are the first set of teeth that will come as an infant and are shown in the baby teeth order chart which also shows when babies start teething. Even though the primary teeth are not permanent, they need to be taken care of. The primary teeth on this baby teething chart will help the baby in chewing, sensing objects with their mouth, and proper language pronunciation. Keeping the primary teeth nice, healthy, and cavity free is important because as soon as they are erupted from their gums, they are susceptible to tooth decay.

As the baby grows, so will its jaw which will make room for its “adult” teeth that will begin to overtake the primary teeth starting at about 6 years of age all the way up to 12 years of age. To help with teething pain and discomfort, check out the Kute Keiki Store for a variety of teething relief options. Hope this baby teeth order chart has given you a nice visual of baby tooth development.

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