How Long Does Teething Last?

How long does teething last is the next question that parents ask when it comes to the teething process after when do babies start teething. As a parent, you may be both excited and not excited depending on how severe the teething symptoms may be for your child. The whole teething time period can be a very stressful time for both the parent and the child, especially when trying to distinguish when an infant starts teething and how long does teething last for your child. As we will see, it’s not always a one definite answer.

What Age Do Babies Start Teething?

Teething on average starts around 6 months of age but varies from infant to infant. Some toddlers start teething as early as 3 months, but others can be late bloomers and start teething as late as 12 months. Once babies are started on the teething process, they will go through different stages where teeth will start to erupt. More detailed information can be found on this post at when do babies start teething as a precursor to how long does teething last.

How long Does Teething Last Overall for an Infant

Growing their first mouth set of teeth, the whole process can take 2 years. Most kids will have all their 20 teeth set in at about 2 1/2–3 years of age. Teething doesn’t generally last the whole time period but rather certain periods before and when teeth are erupting. Different types of teething symptoms such as pain and discomfort can show from a few days to several weeks beforehand. Teething is also attributed to vomiting in infants or fever in toddlers, but this is not true.

One research study that was done in 1999 titled Parent Beliefs About Infant Teething to survey how long does teething last for everyday parents in Australia. One part of this study wanted to find out how long does teething last per tooth by looking at how long the teething symptoms lasted for. A very tiny number of parents said their baby’s experienced no teething signs and symptoms.

How Long Does Teething Last Per Tooth

What Are Moms Saying About How Long Teething Lasts

Several moms have chimed in and left comments as to when and what age their babies started teething and how long teething lasted for their child.

Mrstony30 on Babycenter: My LO had been “teething” since about one month old. She is now 6mo and got two in less than a week. The typical cranky drooling behavior had been a part of our lives for that while time now that she has two teeth in a few days she seems more calm during the day already. Teething is different for EVERY baby. Best bet is a lil orajel and LOTS of patience. I also put the teething rings in the fridge to help calm the cranky princess when she was inconsolable. It will come through in all it’s pearly cuteness in due time. Hang in there momma:)
Baby Center Member: My 6 month old son has had all the signs associated with teething for about three weeks and still no tooth.
Yesica&Fred2013 on Baby Center: My baby was drooling a lot at 2 months now hes 7 months and got his bottom tooth!

Variety of Experiences?

We can see that parents are seeing very different things for their individual baby when it comes to what age and
month their toddler started showing teething symptoms and for how long the teething symptoms lasted for. Teething lasted from as short as 4 weeks to up to 7–8 months just for the first set of teeth! There are so many variables and individual differences that there is no concrete answer to the question of how long does teething last.

Concluding How Long Does Teething Last

There is a lot of information, anecdotes, and personal experiences to the question of how long does teething last. I will conclude with saying that on average teething should last about a week per tooth starting a few days before the tooth erupts and lasting a few day after the tooth erupts. Random intervals of teething is going to happen all the way up to 2 1/2–3 years of age till they get all 20 of their teeth.

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