My Baby Teething at 3 Months Old — What to do??

HELP, my baby is teething at 3 months old! Many parents are shocked they their 3 month old infant is already starting to teeth. In our other post, when do babies start teething, we discussed that it was totally possible for babies to start teething as early as 3 months, but the average age is usually around 6 months.

Chances of a 3 Month Old Teething

There is only a small percentage of babies, about 1 percent, that has tooth eruptions before the age of 3 months. The most common early teething signs and symptoms that will appear are irritability, fussiness, and you may notice or feel a small bump in their gums. These symptoms can appear starting around 5 days before your infant even starts to begin erupting their first tooth.

The first teeth to sprout are the bottom two front teeth, which are also called the central incisors. After these first two set of teeth, the next sets will come pretty regularly in 4–8 weeks after each set.

Rarely will this happen, but sometimes toddlers are born with a tooth or two or will have a tooth erupt within the first month. This is no cause for alarm and it is totally normal.

Teething at 3 Months of Age is Totally Normal

Being an early teething baby is very normal and lots of moms share their experience on the web of how their little infant started teething at 3 months of age and what teething signs and symptoms they noticed. A baby may be crankier at 3 months then when they are 6–8 months because of the teething symptoms, but it a natural process that is different for each individual baby. It may be crazy to think of a little infant to be start teething at 3 months, but hundreds of moms have had their babies sprout teeth very early at 3 months of age.

There are many teething relief options available. It is not recommended to give your child Tylenol or ibuprofen as a teething solution to get rid of pain. These synthetic chemicals can do lots of internal harm to your baby’s organs. To relief teething pain and discomfort safely, use homeopathic remedies, or use BPA free teething toys or a BPA free teething necklace. These options are a fun and safe way to get teething relief fast especially for a 3 month old teething baby.

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